InterNACHI launches Virtual Inspection Defect Flashcards.



Absolutely amazing! :p:mrgreen:


Be cool to add to my website!!

We’ll have many hundreds of flashcards uploaded soon. You won’t come across all these issues in 50 years of inspecting.

Keep up the good work!:smiley:
I realize that I CC has a “copyright” on their flashcards but….It sure would be nice if you could have something that is almost identical.
I’m talking about electrical, mechanical, plumbing etc. etc.

Out of the first 1/2 dozen or so, a good percentage of them are things I won’t come across. :cool:

It doesn’t snow in Los Angeles, and we don’t put down vapor barriers in crawl spaces here because of the relatively arid air. Nor does it hail very often.

Still, the concept is cool.

Very nice.

Keep flipping through. You’ll soon get to the ones with fires, drought, landslides, and earthquakes. :mrgreen:

And bullet holes :wink:

Let me know when Nick adds swimming pool heater pctures. :wink:

This is great! Thanks InterNachi What a great way to see defects and learn about some of the stranger things you may see in the field.

Do you need some photos? I’m sure Billy B has a few. :slight_smile:

Those are great. Keeping us way ahead of the competition. Thanks Nick

Awesome!!! Thanks Nick and Kenton and everyone else involved.

Awesome. I will definitely be taking a look at these!! :D:D

Very nice, thank you!

I added some more flashcards today.

We now have 45 flashcards up and running, under categories such as Roofing, Exterior, Air-Conditioning, and many more. Enjoy!

More coming next week.

We now have 63 flashcards, including new categories such as Crawlspace, Structure, and Windows! Enjoy.