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That is cool Nick…I actually found a few more…I think it is wonderful that you are really taking the training to the next level. These images are SUPER ! I see a great one I did not call out…well i did not not specifically. This is great for members.

Well, I got it done, but must admit it took more than one try :mrgreen: Even with the high-res photos some things are harder to see than they would be ‘in person’.

Nice training idea. I like it. I tried guessing answers without reading and did not even score 50%. I am lousy at guessing.

Agreed. It could be my eyes are getting older and tired. :smiley:

I took the test and failed with a 77. I really liked it, but it should help you by letting you know what you got wrong and why. I know I got a few wrong and thought I would have gotten a 90 on it.

So Nick, would that be possible to get the correct answers?

Thanks and look forward to more traing like it.

There are a few things I wasn’t sure I was missing or not due to the visuals.
I’d like to know what questions I missed so I can research the answer if it wasn’t just visual…


lol…I did the video and I know of one thing i did not call out myself…lol…remember when doing an electrical inspections it is not about getting them ALL…it is about the quality of the ones you do get and produce a good list of defects so that the electrician can examine it more.

Yes, you know what your looking at and what to look for. If I get something wrong (on the test) and I donot not know what it was and or why, then I could keep repeating he same mistake, and what if at an inspection it could be that one defect?

I would like to know what I got wrong and why. Actually I would like to know what I get wrong on all those online courses.

What do I mean by “Wrong hole?”