InterNACHI launching new Member Sales Dept. to compliment our Member Marketing Dept.

The new Member Sales Department will be using the materials recently developed by InterNACHI’s Member Marketing Department: to directly sell inspection jobs to consumers and sellers.

One of it’s first mandates is to get every home for sale, pre-inspected by an InterNACHI member.

16 new phone lines are being installed next week.

How will InterNACHI inspectors be assigned or referred for these inspections that come through the Member Sales Department? Is there a process set up so that inspections will be spread around among many InterNACHI members? Thank you.

We haven’t figured that out. We hired a high-priced sales manager consultant to fly out and work with us all next week. If you are in town here, stop by and meet him and sit in on our meetings (you are welcome if you are an InterNACHI member). It could be very interesting and valuable for a home inspector to come to Denver just to listen to his advice.

Give out a list of names for each location, based on the above search results.

Would you be interested in answering my phone as well? I’m not kidding or being facetious. Having a qualified sales team would be a great benefit with the right details.

I admit I’m unsure about the idea of InterNACHI directly selling inspections. If that happens, then I could find myself competing against InterNACHI for customers. In a sense I would be telling local folks not to buy from InterNACHI, but buy from me instead.

I’ve never heard of a trade association that also does direct sales. Marketing for its members, yes. Direct sales, no.

Please do not put me on this list. Prefer not to be. Thanks.

The free brochure library is a great benefit, but I would rather see those dollars go to Nachi promotions to the public…just like our nemesis does.

I agree with James, but it this program does got me curious on how it will turn out. It is so out of the box thinking.