Porch announces something awesome for InterNACHI members...


What you guys have put together is far from awesome for all home inspectors, in fact it is nearly useless and provides basically nothing for the inspectors considering all the revenue at stake to be made off the inspectors.

I have a much better idea that would benefit the inspectors and give some real incentive and motivation t us. This would benefit porch far more than the silly thing you all came up with now.


James I think the last part deleted where you give your plan.

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Like it or don’t like it, the message is clear.

The online reviews do not look very good for porch. Here’s a few.

Porch.com Reviews - Is it a Scam or Legit?

Top 12 Reviews and Complaints about Porch


I fast forwarded most of it but this relationship will get inspectors business.
Homeowners or actually most People want consistency and they love to trust brands. I’d say this this would be much better if Internachi were the brand.

Internachi could use this to brand itself as a organization of home inspectors if they had a snazzy name in front of Internachi. I’d help with that.

Buyer beware I guess

How about Inspectorsaurus! :mrgreen:

How about a great new tagline ?

You can be sure a NACHI guy will send your info to all the right people ]] “”.Keep your phone on for an amazing deal"" .

Yeah, lets go with that!:slight_smile:

I like shiny objects.

After watching the YouTube video I was surprised to see that it is only available to ISN users and Inspectors in Texas and Georgia. However the video says that if you are not an ISN user but a member of InterNACHI you can sign up. When is it going to be available in all states?

It’s merely the Porch sponsorship that is rolling out a couple states at a time.

InterNACHI’s “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee - InterNACHI has always been available in all states and provinces.