I won this at the Christmas Party and just signed up for it. I got to tell you guys this is awesome. This is like a Carfax for your home. I pulled up my address and it gave me information on my building that I never knew. It will show you permits, contractors who done work on the home. It will show you the cost of permits, and much more. I can take this customize report and place it into my home inspection report for my client. Thank you Buildfax for donating this awesome gift. And also thank you Nick for putting on such an awesome Christmas Party.

I will be using this service from now on with my inspection. This is why it pays to be an InterNACHI Member :smiley:

Check out BuildFax here

I believe they also have an InterNACHI Deal.

I tried them when they first came out and I guess not that many municapalities were availble in Florida at that time because I never found barely anything I looked for and I was either using it for free or was given so many times to evaluate I do not remember but for Dade and Broward it was not worth much for me.

Glad to hear it is kicking it good now, I may have to look into it again.

You scored

I pulled the data map from their website. I am assuming that their coverage is a lot better since they first came out. I will let you guys know how this service works for me.

Please do Shawn, I checked into this a couple years ago and found similar results as Mike. Would be great to have a confirmed positive accreditation.

Will do, I get Inspections from Polk County down to Collier County so I will let you know about your area.

InterNACHI member deal:

I use this “whitepaper” I created in my marketing materials as a USP. Feel free to mimic mine to make your own.

I frequently run BuildFax reports for REA’s as well when they ask. And they do. I’ve even had potential clients (who have turned into actual clients 100% successfully so far) run BuildFax on an address they haven’t even made an offer on yet (usually free for the first one and then a small fee for each additional).

If there is coverage for their address, my inspection clients receive a copy for free.

The $5 deal that Russell (HG) has for us is a great one.

Jay, could you send me a pdf so I cold copy some of the material on the page. Thanks John

BuildFaxWhitePaperPDF.pdf (200 KB)


I sent it to you in an email as well.

Great use of the resource.

Update on this, this service is awesome and I have to tell you, realtors love this. I have had positive feedback from my clients. I was kind of skeptical on realtors as they would be kind of frowning this for digging up dirt on the home. But most of the realtors that have used me or I marketed to love this report. Guys take advantage of the InterNACHI deal they give. You can start a 7 day free trial and the InterNACHI deal is at

This is a great service to add to your home inspection service.

Shawn have you had a property not show and if so what percentages of search are not in the system? In theory accurate permit info that went way back available everywhere for a common sense bulk type price would be great for us. Hell they could give it to us free if it was good enough “completely all there and accurate”. They could sell not so annoying side and bottom ads at a premimum. no skin off our backs and the more money they make the better service they could provide. THINK ABOUT IT BUILD-FAX People :slight_smile:

The future is free for users. Sell adds to clients who want our eyes for a moment or two.

Just think how many times the ARNOLD commercial has aired since before and during the Superbowl. All for a game they give away. Hmmmmmmm Must be making a killing somewhere to afford that kind odf ads :slight_smile:

I only had a couple like two not show up which were located on Holmes Beach, Anna Marie Island. Otherwise most of the permitting goes back to the 90’s which is what our county records show online. What I like about it for instance is the homes down south of me in Punta Gorda had damage from Hurricane Charley it would show their was windstorm damage, it shows if the home had fire damage, sprinkler work, alarm work and etc…

worth the money, your area should have good covering being Miami Dade, give it a try for a month and you will only be out $50.00 if it doesn’t suite you.

Excellent service for the INachi discounted fee.
Wouldn’t go on an inspection without it.
Then for WindMits you know the age of the roof.
Ya know how may times the agent has told me onsite - you’re crazy, this roof is only 6 years old.
I tell them - don’t look at me like I have 3 heads! :twisted:

I find that most areas in S. Florida have good coverage although the most current
may not appear (they give dates such as Feb 01, 1992 to June 02, 2015).
Sometimes there’s a 6-9 month gap depending on the municipality.

So what do you do when you find a few permits are not closed?
Do you not mention it, verbally tell them, put it in your report? Is the roof an illegal structure?
Then what about that AC or water heater install?

Will these guys deal with you for member discounts?
They’re not cheap.

I tried the buildfax trial run up here but they are not ready for Canada just yet. Hopefully it won’t be too long because from what I saw it would be worthwhile to have.

Tried it on my home. I did a kitchen remodel 10 years ago and it did not show up on my house.
In Minnesota the Twin Cities areas have free online property searches. The outlying suburbs not so much.

The report I got had good information but I could easily have gotten it all for free.

Found this last week. free ]

Thanks Sean and Marc for the input. I may try them again someday. Heck could be a separate item to sell for guys I do reports for or walk and talks even :slight_smile: