InterNACHI membership in Canada topped 900 inspectors today!

Ontario 562
Alberta 184
British Columbia 41
Saskatchewan 35
Quebec 25
New Brunswick 24
Nova Scotia 16
Manitoba 8

Total 900

InterNACHI is the largest inspection trade association in Canada.

And it looks like INACHI will be one of the last standing of the current bunch. Congratulations Nick!

What’s going to happen in BC when The assoc the BC gov blessed disappears?
NCP gone.
BCITT no longer national because ASET and some other tect assoc have quit the national assoc.
CAPHI is disintegrating with OAHI on the ropes.
CANNACHI Who knows?

Looks like I signed up on a winning team, congratulations Nick

The sky is not falling, Vern. Just a lot of pissy little clouds (associations)blocking the sun!

How true and it does not seem to improve .
Many of the Canadian association that I have dealt with have been that way for years .
Rules they do not need to follow any rules they just stumble on doing as they please.
All the directors seem to feel they are above rules and tend to ignore proper procedures .

Way to go Canada!

906 today.

906 i did not know there was that many people in Canada lol just kidding.
what a go Canuks

Just over a year ago when i needed A to my Q i started with OAHI when my starter package arrived 45 days later i had allready passed internachi’s online exam paid membership and i was 1/3 of the way there! of starting my first business. thanks Internachi for having everything i need rite here in front of me :cool: Dave Edwards Certified Home Inspections And Thermal Imaging Durham on

InterNACHI just “keeps on a growin” ! Great organization with imcomparable educational benefits!

Cheers to Nick

Gilles R. Larin
Quebec Chapter President