InterNACHI Narrative Library Spectora template nearing completion

All 7500 comments are now installed, setup is complete (as far as we’re going to take it, some setup decisions will be up to individual users) and links to reference material are now being installed. Projected release is latter part of next week!


Is this available for the Spectora software?

Did you read the title of the OP’s thread?

I did, however, when I clicked the link to review the material I did not see anything for the Spectora software. It’s possible I over looked the material, that is why I presented the question.

Gregory W. Clark, Jr.

I’m pretty sure that since he also included in the title the word’s “nearing completion”, it may not be available yet.

Now don’t I feel foolish. Mr. Payson, my apologies. I’ll wait patiently until it’s completed. I’m just eager to be able to add this to my software. Sorry about the mix up. Thank you!

Gregory W. Clark, Jr.

No need to apologize Gregory, but this can be a teachable moment for everyone with regards to the importance of “observation”. It’s a critical part of our job. Oversights in this extremely litigious world we live in can be very detrimental to our livelihoods.

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Easy there guys! We’re all here to help each other and to learn.
Gregory, it will be available within a few days and will be announced on the InterNACHI message board Spectora forum, the Facebook Spectora User’s Forum and on the Spectora website. No later than Monday, May 6.

@kshepard Thanks to you and the team for the comment libraries. Not only do they improve the value of the reports they are a great training tool! I basically get to review my training during each inspection. When I train new inspectors I have them read through all the comments for each section on day 1. Good stuff in there

The InterNACHI Narrative Library for Spectora is now available on my website at

Charles, thank you for taking the time to express your appreciation! I’ve worked hard over the years to develop the library and it’s important to me that it be effective. The new Spectora template has live links to about 40,000 words of reference material, All of which are also available free on my website under the main menu Reference.

Yup! You’ve worked hard on many varied projects that help many…Kudos to you Kenton! :smile:


I’m using Word version of your narratives and it helped me a lot several times to formulate my recommendations correctly.
Did you made any changes in the Spectora version.
I’m in the process to switching to Spectora and wonder if Spectora version will be downloaded to cloud or I will
have the computer download.
Thank You

@amadrawski scrollup a bit to the link to kenton’s website and review. Currently it is a shared template for spectoraand kenton provides the required steps there

Thank you.
Do you using this narratives and Spectora software.
If yes - are you satisfied.

I use many of these narratives in home hub zone but am in the process of switching to spectora…

As I created the Spectora template I updated the other versions of the library. They are all up to date except the HomeGauge template is a little behind. Soon to be updated.