Nachi Narrative Library

Has anyone purchased the narrative library from Nachi for HIP?

if so what are your impressions?

Although I’ve never used it…(I’m retired and wrote my own along the way)…I’ve seen some of Kenton’s narrative examples and they are very good, with many choices for specific items. I believe he has spent nearly 20 years expanding and fine tuning his narratives. And, I believe the populate directly into HIP’s specific locations automatically.

For the small $, it is a fast start for many inspectors. If you have more specific questions, you may contact Kenton at

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Thanks. Yeah thats what I read too… the default ones in HIP are a bit plain and I seem to always find the need to expand em.

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Yep. As do I.

I have but you can’t insert the whole file into your HIP software, it is too large (that’s what she said)

You have to copy and paste individual narratives.

I write my own as I inspect. I’ve never found a narrative that’s perfect. An inspector needs to have the skill to inspect and report, hopefully in his/her own words.


What happens when you try to insert? Does it reject it or what? curious if HIP support can help perhaps?

Adam - I think you are best suited to make them up as you go, and expand on them. I am 5 or 600 inspections in and still adding more on almost all of them. I will say, I did get the Nachi library of drawings (Won it through a raffle), and I do use this quite a bit. But I believe you can also get all of these off line. It is just nice to have them loaded in to all of my software setup.


Yeah I was thinking that as well but I wouldnt mind having a good solid base of narrarives that I can expand on

The library is an amazing encyclopedia of narratives. Technically it can be used as a HIP template. What I’ve told people is that it’s so massive and includes so many areas that won’t affect you in your area of the country (since it covers almost everything) that unless you go through and delete a ton of stuff it’ll slow you down. What we recommend is opening your favorite template and Kenton’s at the same time in two copies of HIP and copying the narratives you like into your template.


This is not true. The Library does download into HIP software.

In addition, for those who want to continue using an existing template and just use mine as a library, Narratives can be copied and pasted in batches. Here’s how.

In the past, I’ve included a Log Home section and a Green Building section in my HIP template. In order to reduce the template size I’m breaking those off into separate templates, each of which can be used as a complete working template on it’s own. I still recommend (after creating a safety copy) going though and deleting sections or narrative groups that you don’t need.


Narratives are like mathematical formulas, the most elegant are those that are the shortest, yet make everything irrefutably clear, no matter what the reader’s position in the transaction is. The best is a narrative version of E=MC2.