InterNACHI proposing Federal legislation regarding home inspectors.

The legislation would give a dollar-for-dollar federal tax credit to anyone who hired a home inspector to perform an inspection including annual inspections.

Home inspections save consumers money, protect property, save lives, and reduce energy use.

I think you would find across-the-board support, regarding other associations/societies, in that endeavor, Nick. Do you plan to seek it? Some already have high placed lobbiests.

I would bet that any legislation like this would require some sort of licensing for the home inspector. Or do you think the government would let any Joe Blow with a flashlight claiming to be a home inspector issue a receipt? Of course this will probably increase the size of HUD to monitor all those home inspectors…

While the number in inspections would increase, so will the number of inspectors seeking to feed at the trough being filled by this legislation.


LOL…dream on.

Although I am for a tax cut and or credit whenever one can be given, I think letting the Government into the HI industry is bad. Maybe better off as a partner with the insurance industry. They will want something in return though.:?:

More details please!

Goverment partnering with insurance Companies? HOLY CRAP BATMAN. Sounds like a rocky road and a slippery slope combined, forget about losing your shirt we are gonna have torn pants and a shredded backside.

I agree totally with you’re asssesment of the importance of inspections. I believe that the inspection industry has in fact been the primary reason that the # of residential home fires has dramatically reduced in the past 15 years. Changes in model codes have not been effected fast enough and local jurisdictions don’t conduct inspections on existing structures unless a change of occupancy occurs. Home inspectors pointing out unsafe conditions have had a large effect in inceasing awareness and concern in the public allowing corrective action to occur outside of code enforcement.

NO, NO, NOOOOOO, I don’t want to see the Gov. partnered with anyone. My post was saying to keep the Gov. out and maybe explore a partnership with Ins. companies to make sure homes get inspected. The down side is what do you have to give them to partner with them?

Whenever you get tax dollars and Fed. Regs. involved you have to open the market to allow all to participate. There will be entitlements, ect. The Gov. is a dangerous idea.-X