InterNACHI releases a library of state-specific home inspection agreements

Don’t the fonts need to be 12 point minimum, to be legal?

I could be wrong but I thought that about here in MI:

I’ll check. Adding WORD versions today.

WORD docs added.

Hi Nick, thank you for providing the updated residential agreements. Do you plan to update the Florida Wind Mitigation agreement as well? Thanks for all you do.

We’ll have a matrix for all states, all provinces and all ancillary inspections. That’s what we are working on.

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Hi Larry; How are you doing? I read this and thought…, Larry is such a stickler. :laughing:

Pretty busy with the grandkids, since my daughter passed unexpectedly, and family ailments and such. Come to think of it the grandkids think of me as a stickler sometimes, too, Edwin…but only sometimes. :rofl: :crazy_face: :joy:

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OMG! So sorry to hear about your daughter. I really hope it wasn’t covid. I feel for you brother. within the past 5 years I have experienced the death of my brother and two sisters. All their kids were grown. But it really breaks my heart when it comes to the little angels especially with the holidays coming up. I will definitely add them to my prayers. May I have their first names only?

Thanks for the updated Home Inspection Agreements. I read thru it thoroughly and found a typo that everyone should correct while they are customizing it to their respective companies in section 8 - Inspection Fee & Additional Fees. The first sentence states that the fee is “sue”. The word should be “due”. I don’t think we need Sue’s help. :slight_smile:

And what did you find out about the font size, Nick?

Larry, I hope all is OK. Hug those grandkids.

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How to choose the right font size and style for legal documents.

So far I’m on the fence with the new agreement. The one for Illinois, probably like most all the rest, is awfully long, with a Lot of Words.
Night and day compared to the Plain English version.

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Thanks, Nick…we do, every day.

It is like retirement isn’t an “automatic” anymore, we have to use a “clutch”.

We’ll make it…just takes time to guide and love them.


Jeff, from this link, you posted:

Supreme Court rules on legal document fonts

" Always check with your jurisdiction for specific rules on accepted legal fonts. For example, The US Supreme Court requires that Century family fonts must be used in all briefs. Recently, the Supreme Court of Virginia released a new list of acceptable fonts. And The US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit states that lawyers should avoid using Times New Roman—so their audience will be less likely to scan legal briefs quickly without retaining the document’s contents. The Florida Supreme Court also recently released new appellate rules regarding fonts for lawyers. The new rules include changing page and word count limits for legal briefs and appeals filings for documents produced on computers. Specifically, they require that lawyers use Arial or Bookman Old Style in 14-point to ensure readability on monitors."


What is the best font size for legal documents?

"At minimum, your legal documents should use font size 12. However, increasing the font size to 14 will make a huge difference in readability, especially when reading on a screen. Also, make sure there is enough space between the lines and paragraphs so your audience can easily read the document, even if it’s long. "


That pertains to the Florida State Supreme Court, thus the comment to

The second quote you posted is more generalized.

The other was informational and goes along with your:

Hence, the quote.

Either way, you have your answer that was posed to Nick that he didn’t answer.
12pt is the preferred, accepted norm, unless your local prefers/requires a different font.
You’re welcome!

Hey Nick, Is there a Spanish version of the agreement?