InterNACHI's free, online state-specific inspection agreements updated with new features

You can now add your state-specific inspection agreement to InterNACHI’s free, online inspection agreement system with the push of one button.

Try it:

  1. Click on your state
  2. Scroll down to the bottom
  3. Find the green “Add to your inspection templates” button to your online agreement system.

state specific home inspection agreements


Very Nice. That will help a lot of inspectors, especially newer ones. :+1:

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Helps in the future when we make updates based on new regulations or court cases.

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thank you!

The Florida PIA references “…the Inspection Fee identified above …” but it doesn’t have a spot for the actual fee anywhere, nor does it have a service date for the inspection.

I’ve directed Joe to come here. Thanks.

No inspection fee on the Wisconsin agreement either. At least one clerical error so far read over the agreement before you use it. May want a lawyer to check it.

I don’t know if the inspector has to sign it, I did on the others

The reason that section (header) was left off is because it self-generates when you put it into your online agreement system.

We see that is confusing and so just going to add it to the top of each agreement. Give me an hour.

It does once you drop it into the online agreement system. That is apparently confusing to many, so we are going to add to the top of the agreement as well.

If any InterNACHI member has any questions about the agreements that they would prefer to not post here, please feel free to e-mail your question to me at and I’ll address it privately.

Joseph, Are you coming to NJ on December 16th? Out NJNACHI meeting.

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You may want to email him Peter…

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It still doesn’t have a spot for a fee, or a date. I just tried it and it hasn’t changed.

It’s easy enough to just add whatever you want.

I actually downloaded the Florida agreement to test and when I opened it, this is what I got:

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So did I, and I deleted it just now and re-downloaded it again.

Mine doesn’t look like your screen shot, I don’t have that upper block of fields.

Hm. I’ll ask Tim to take a look.

Dominic - there’s an older official Florida template that is on the InterNACHI list, and another one in your custom templates. The one in your custom templates has the yellow boxes. It looks like you’re just using the wrong one. I’d rename your custom template so that it is obvious which is the new one.


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Thank you Tim, that did the trick.