InterNACHI Releases a New Free 2021 International Residential Code® (IRC®) Exam Study Course

internachi free 2021 international residential code irc exam study course

InterNACHI® is pleased to announce a new free, online course for members: 2021 International Residential Code® (IRC®) Exam Study Course.

This course will help the student understand the 2021 International Residential Code® (IRC®) in preparation for taking the ICC® Residential Building Inspector B1 Exam. It is based upon the 2021 International Residential Code® (IRC®) Study Companion, a study guide through the requirements of the 2021 International Residential Code® for One- and Two-Family Dwellings. The course covers building, mechanical, plumbing, fuel gas, and electrical provisions with an emphasis on the building planning requirements of Chapter 3 and the floor, wall, ceiling, and roof framing provisions.

DENVER, COLORADO: 2021 is the most recent iteration of the International Residential Code® (IRC®). For inspectors located in Denver, CO, one must be certified with both InterNACHI® and the ICC® in order to be able to perform rental permit inspections.

Take the free, online course now.


Started to do this course. When I started to order the Study companion it charges the $101. plus $20 for shipping. That is not happening. Need to do better.

What is the name of the study companion, who wrote it, and where did it direct you to order it?

The study material directly from the link embedded in the course.

OK you answered maybe one question. How about the others?

Why would would I need to provide this information, when the link for purchase is in a course on Internachi. You should have that info.

Is the link available before a student signs up for the course? Apparently not so why or how would I have the link if I have not signed up for the course?

I was genuinely interested in hearing the answers to the questions. Do you just not want to provide the answers? Don’t you believe your answers would help others who are considering taking this course?

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I have recently enrolled in this course and decided to purchase the Study Companion. However, I was surprised to find that it was priced at $101, with an additional $20 for shipping. This is not acceptable, and I believe there is room for improvement in this regard.

I thought you were someone from the support team. When you sign up for the course it provides the link for the study companion.

OK so my questions are still:

What is the name of the study companion, who wrote it, and where did it direct you to order it?

The International Residential Code® (IRC®) Study Companion is a required textbook for enrolling and completing this course because the student will be continuously referring to the building standards. ICC, written by ICC, ordered from ICC. Geez

Hello Emmanuel,

Anyone can see the requirements for the course on its description page in addition to the reminder within the course: 2021 International Residential Code® (IRC®) Exam Study Course - InterNACHI®

“The course’s 18 study sessions provide practical learning assignments and contain specific learning objectives, applicable code text, and commentary from the presenter. The 2021 International Residential Code® (IRC®) Study Companion is a practical requirement for enrolling and completing this course because the student is required to continually reference the textbook throughout the course.”

The study companion is created and sold by the ICC to pass ICC exams. InterNACHI has unfortunately no control over its current pricing, but we’re working on it. If someone does not want to buy a new study companion through the ICC, I believe folks have had success finding it used online for significantly cheaper.

Hello Kaela,

You must see a different page than what the Members see. That link above only states that the course is based around the IRC Study Guide and not that it is a required purchase to take this course. It is not understood why INACHI would force that since the actual IRC is available for free viewing to anyone that wants to view it.

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Not sure where you are seeing the $110.00 price and that is why I asked where the link was taking you. The Study Companion can be purchased directly from ICC here for only $67.75 in PDF form and $79.75 in paper form . Honestly I would use the PDF as they are easier to store and transport if desired.

Also as you can see the Member price for the PDF is only $54.25 and paper for $63.75. If you are serious about obtaining and maintaining your certifications it may be worth becoming a member anyhow as other benefits are conferred with membership.

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We may be seeing a different versions of the page. One of the things working at InterNACHI has taught me is that regularly clearing your web browser’s cache and cookies is very important to see the most updated version of pages; it’s basically the equivalent of routine gutter cleaning on a house.

Truthfully, anyone can take the course with or without the study companion. All our courses are free, online and available to members to use however they wish. However, since the instructor designed each segment with review of the questions the ICC provides as part of the course, I’m afraid that someone might not be as successful without it. It’s a big, big course. One of our largest in fact; it would be a shame for someone to spend that much time and not be getting the full preparation for themselves to pass the exam. This is why I am personally recommending people get creative with where they purchase the guide if cost is an issue. Folks used to getting the best bargain will know how to shop around and as I said before, we are working on some options. We really felt that we needed to get this course out as soon as possible since we have nearby counties and cities to the Boulder House of Horrors that are basically insisting some inspectors must be ICC certified and members deserve resources to prepare for the exam.

It’s a brand new course though and we do change things over time depending on how things shake down; Ben will take all feedback and use it to evaluate future decisions. I’ll pass along your comments during our next meeting.


My cache, cookies, history, etc., etc., are cleared every time I drop the browser. AND I drop the browser after visiting any one site. When I’m done here I’ll drop the browser to clear it and bring it back up for the next site. I do this more for security reasons than anything else. But thank you for providing that lesson to others that may not understand browsers as well.

Each time I am given an answer on this course more detail comes out. I do understand you have created a large course. I do understand that it was easier just to use the ICC Study Guide as the outline instead of creating your own. I do understand that if you or anyone for that matter attempts to duplicate the ICC material without permission it is asking for trouble from the ICC without prior approval. And now it appears that the entire course is just a creative replication of the study guide.

Without spending money and time I do have a question regarding the course. How much of this course is teaching the actual technical aspects and application of the “Code” and how much is more so just to help a person prepare for an open book test?

Even the ICC training is there to help understand the intent of the codes but only for those that already have some type of familiarity with the codes and actual construction practices/theory. That does not mean someone who has neither experience could not benefit from it and learn but instead they had no time to try teaching those parts since the codes were complex enough to teach in many regards.

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It’s ultimately up to you to get the Study Companion Book or not. As you can see, you can move through the course without it. But it is going to be very challenging to pass the IRC Exam without it. And that’s why we wrote the free, online course.

I recommend clicking the link for those details. It’s written by ICC.