InterNACHI releases all new, free, Home Inspector Exam Prep Tool.

Provides the right answers instantly.

Thank you all for the tips and the link! I passed the exam yesterday with 753 out of 800! 94%! I’ll take that!

Good job!

I recently took the home inspectors exam for the state of Tennessee (which is apparently the same national test) and bombed it. Though I have completed the INTERNACHI pre-licensing course and studied extensively, taking numerous practice exams with Internachi, I wasn’t even close to being prepared for the actual exam.

Upon my epic failure, I did some research online and was able to contact a member of the state board of home inspectors of Tennessee. I was referred to link hosted by EBPHI which contained a study guide for $30 or a manual for $100. The manual exactly matches the exam outline so I bought the manual. Disappointingly, the manual has a review section at the end of each section but the questions don’t really match the material. I can’t seem to find anything that actually matches the exam content ( the exact content obviously has to be kept protected ). That said, can anyone recommend a source that gets me in the ball park with the exam?

John, you’ve been scammed. Email me.