National exam prep

Greetings InerNACHI members!

I am prepping for the National Home Inspectors Exam and have taken InterNACHI’s exam a couple of times now. My scores are 88 and 93 so far and I’m wondering if this is any indication of how I might score on the National exam? Has anyone taken the test recently and might you share your opinion on this?

p.s. I am really impressed by the quality of the free courses offered by InterNACHI! I look forward to becoming a full fledged member!


I’d keep repeating it until you score higher cores each time.

What an awesome tool! I’ll be using this for sure! Thank you Nick!

I took the test about a month ago. I would follow Nick’s link and go through all those questions. The more you learn the easier it will be. Work on your weak areas.

Randy is correct. And keep taking courses to strengthen those weaknesses. The courses are all free and online:

Nick, does the include actual questions on the exam, or is it just a good study tool? Either way i signed up!