InterNACHI releases International S.O.P. for Inspecting Commercial Fire Doors.

One advantage of the reporting language is that each line is a negative comment. This prevents “doctoring” of the report by outside parties as adding a check anywhere makes the report read worse.

A commercial fire door inspection can be performed as a separate, stand-alone inspection service.

The NFPA (NFPA 80 5.2.1) says:

InterNACHI’s SOP for Inspecting Commercial Fire Doors (16.7) says:

These inspections should be done every year, at least.

We are developing swinging door inspection stickers and rolling and sliding door inspection tags for member use.

More Info:

I commend the document, however, I suggest that Canadian inspectors be careful when using the “International Standard” and assuming it verbatim.

Review fire protection and means of egress from the National or applicable provincial code. When it comes to fire protection - the potential liability and risk is greatly increased. - Simply a word of caution from a Ministry of Housing/OBOA Code Course Facilitator.

This could be a real money maker for members and the inspections come around every year. Note the expiration date in the sample report form:

Hey Nick…

Will you be asking Russell to update the InterNACHI ComSOP template for HomeGauge to reflect this new addition? If so, will it be available as a free upgrade for those of us who purchased the template?


BTW: This isn’t a building code (which is of little direct use to inspectors). It is a Standards of Practice for performing annual inspections of the readiness of existing commercial fire doors in the U.S. and Canada.

It’s for inspectors, not builders.

I think selling these inspections would be in the same category as pre-sale residential “ZERO”…but that is just my opinion—:wink:

Nice work though Nick.

If it works as good as our pre-listing inspections do in Denver, I’ll be thrilled… and it has the added incentives of being required by NFPA… and being commercial… and being annual.

I have never heard of any company doing this as a stand alone inspection, I have never been asked to do one, I wonder how I would charge, by the door—:smiley:

Since my 1000 Letters to Home Sellers (pre-listing, sellers inspections) got me a return of 0 for 1000, I’ll write up some sort of letter to building owners and property management companies and see what my return is.

I’ll let you know how it pans out, sure couldn’t think of an easier inspection—:lol:, beside roofs of course—:lol:

Yeah, we had poor results with letter writing to sellers too. We found only one way to capture the attention of the big listing agents… we walk into the office carrying a MIC sign. One look at the sign and they finally get their head around what we are trying to do. From there it rolls smoothly.

Don’t make me laugh, my stitches are not healed yet----:lol:—:lol:

When will the NFPA Certified Signs be ready?

…Just harassing you----:lol:

Section on fire doors and quiz added to

Im a member of NFPA Health Care Section as I run a big facility here in Orlando. I went to a AHCA meeting a few weeks ago and the said that they would start to really inforce NFPA80. So me getting cerified as a Fire Door Inspector will add a lot to my Home Inspection Bussiness. Thank you Nick for looking into this for me.

It’s going to be huge. Do you have any idea how many commercial fire doors there are that now have to be inspected at least once a year, every year? I can’t even calculate it.

Hey nick, In my nursing Home alone there are approx 500 fire doors in the facility.There are a lot of nursing homes in orlando. and I have the connections with all of them!!! So thats why it is really important for the Fire Door Inspector certification. What kind of tags are you looking into? They have to have serial numbers on them, Also the AHJ has to accept them on the doors.If you need some more imformation on this huge undertaking feel free to call me at 407-491-1700 and I can give you more details.Not only health care facilities are involed, but office buildings,schools,etc.

I’m working on getting the tags and stickers designed now and want to hear your thoughts. I was going to serial number them to the report sheets. Dialing…