InterNACHI releases new Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Property.

Please offer suggestions for improvement.

I do not like the way 5.3 is worded “The inspector should also make an inquiry and review of any other documents that are reasonably ascertainable from standard sources such as certificates of occupancy and building code violation notices.” Can somebody tell me why it is phrased that way? I have always told the client that it is a visual inspection. I usually do not request any additional information, unless I see some red flags.

Thanks, I will add this to to the upcoming version of HIP-NACHI as soon as it’s finalized.

4.5 has a misspelling in the last sentence.

James, email me your shipping address to … I have some free stuff coming to you for helping.

8.1 Limitations “These Standards of Practice apply only to homes with four or fewer dwelling units” What standards do we use for more than four units? I thought we used the the regular NACHI SOPs for this 4 or less units.

I don’t see that one at 8.1, but I’m adding more to your box of goodies.

Misspellings in BOLD

  1. HVAC: Heating, **ventilltion **and air conditioning.

4.5 Subjectivity The client should understand that the inspection report is, to a large degree, the subjective opinions of the inspector based on his/her observations and research within the limits of access, time, and budget and without the aid of special equipment or meters and without dismantling, probing, testing, or troubleshooting and without detailed knowlege of the commercial property, its components or its systems. The inpection report is not much more than a subjective professional opinion. 5.5 questionairre 6.55 II (E) gasses 10 3. repairpersons

Whoever wrote these SOPs did a really good job. I wish our home inspection SOPs was this defined.

7.4  **encumberances**   6.  TERMINATION.  This Contract may not be **cancelled** or....  

Last sentence

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I am looking forward to buying your software someday. I overspent this fall. I need to make sure I have enough money to make it through the slower winter months. Your knowledge and attitude is impressive.

Michael, what is wrong with "cancelled" ? One “L” only?

Michael, a fellow graduate of NACHI’s first commercial inspection class, how is things going. Inspections slowed down here in Central Missouri. Realtors are dropping like flies. I am starting up the MIC program. I got one inspection from it so far.

Hi James,

Very much the same here. New construction is way off too. It’s definately a buyer’s market here. I have some concerns that some will forego a HI because of the lower house prices. We’ll see how it goes his winter.


I understand completely. Send me a pm with what name and company name you want and I’ll send you a license file that will turn the program into the full version through the end of the year.


Thanks for the offer but the first few months of the year are tight also because Most of my inspections I do not get paid until closing. I think it would be best just for me to wait until I get the money

Sure thing, I understand. Let me know when you’re ready and if you need to work out a payment plan let me know, I’ve done so with a few other guys here.