InterNACHI releases new Stucco Identification Field Guide.

InterNACHI’s new Stucco Identification Field Guide released today.

Send me one and I’ll gladly give you my unbiased review.
I only have around 25+ years experience with it :slight_smile:

Great Idea. I am sure it will help many.

Mike, I’ll get you a coupon code to download it for free. Thanks.

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to Nick, Ron
I just emailed him a copy

You should have it in your email inbox Mike.

Got it do you want the review here or in your email? Give me a couple of days :slight_smile: And thanks

Email it to me and I’ll forward your comments to our PE (Ron Huffman) who wrote it and our editor (Kate Tarasenko) who edited it. Thank you again Mike.

Anything for the team :slight_smile: It will be my pleasure.

I’m sure I’ll learn much as well :slight_smile:

InterNACHI’s educational material is the best I have ever came across.

You might end up with a new fancy logo, CSI…(Certified Stucco Inspector)…

Just in time…Mike. KB homes might need a CSI type of guy.

KB homes sues sub contractors

I know that this sounds crazy, but I’ve never seen a stucco or EIFS job done correctly.

That is because the builders dictate how it is to be done. It is not up to the Stucco Contractor in most cases.

Most details for stucco are actually dictated by the designer in Florida. It is usually on the plans.

I would have to agree. The backlash from calling somethings out can be great. You can also phrase a comment to say “eventhough this is typical practice and the industry standard of most…”

This is also a great Stucco Resource Guide I’ve used it many times when writing inspection reports.

SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO DO WHAT i said i would but here iT IS :slight_smile:

The decision tree is a great plan and idea  20+ years in the biz and I could not communicate as well as this has taught me to. In South Florida we rarely run into many of these systems and if I did I would likely not know what it was or call it something incorrect. I believe this is a must for those who wish to be correct all the time which is what all of us should strive for. Kudos to those who put it together. This guide is damn near fool proof if you follow the directions. I would like to hear stucco boys opinion.” Forgive me for not remembering your exact title but those in the know, know who you are ” I looked it up just for all of you Carl Brown, He knows his crap  although those who do it for a living have to do what the specs say which does always not agree with his correct methods . I’ll Post his info bellow. I believe he is a true mechanic with real experience or he has fooled me and I doubt that. Carl Contact me and I’ll share the info as I am sure the powers that be would not mind. One problem may be identifying all of it without destructive analysis???

Sorry it took me so long to do what I said I would but life has been busy. I cannot say enough about InterNACHI’s educational material it is the best there is. I have made a great living until about 2006 doing Stucco for most of the major builders in South Florida and learned quite a lot. Remember the Stucco guy has to do what the plans and specs say. Sad but true. This material is a must have as far as I am concerned if you wish to write like you know what you are talking about. I could not have put together such a great educational booklet even though I almost got rich in the biz. Damn economy. Just remember every area and every builder is going to have different specs and requirements but if you have this info you are armed with more educational knowledge than about 95% of the real pros “Guys who do it for a living”. Remember that most of the time stucco is just deco and not actually more than decoration to make walls straight and look pretty. Plain stucco will crack AWAYS the synthetic products if installed properly are superior in protecting a home. If installed improperly especially over stick frame the results can be devastating.

What’s up with To purchase additional stucco ID cards, visit

It is not working  Thanks to InterNACHI for letting me review this information it is greatly appreciated and I hope all appreciate my honest opinion of the material. I am always willing to help all who ask.

Mike, I’m sorry, we just got the cards in and didn’t have the link up yet. It works now.

It use to be done correctly. Now, typically, specs aren’t incorporated or used in residential only on larger commercial projects. Specs are normally copied from “Sweets Catalog” which are published by a specific manufacturer or institute.