InterNACHI Seeking Inspectors in Region 3 for the MSFH Program!

InterNACHI is actively seeking inspectors who are interested in performing inspections for the My Safe Florida Home Program in Region 3. This is a new territory and we do not currently have any inspectors in this Region.

This is a great opportunity for those inspectors looking to add some supplemental income to their business!

Region 3 is noted on the map on this page:

Our biggest need will be for inspectors in the following counties:


AND ALL OTHER COUNTIES as pictured on the map for R3.

Interested Inspectors should apply by visiting:
Please know that it does take time for our team to review documents and wind mitigation inspections and order background checks. These items are often done on the weekend or outside of normal business hours. Please be patient but don’t hesitate to email the program advisor if you applied and haven’t heard anything within a week. Thank you!

I am currenty doing MSFH inspections in R3 for My Safe Home Inspection. 5-8 inspections per day M-F and scheduled out through September and into October so there is definetley some work.

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