InterNACHI's 2015 revenue from dues approaches $5.2 million.

InterNACHI’s revenue from membership dues in 2015 was $5,174,855.00, an increase of more than 30% over 2014.

do we get a rebate? Lol

Exactly. We need a profit sharing plan, from this “non-profit” organization. :mrgreen: grows by 30% a year too.

you ain’t worth a crap Christopher! Lol. However I agree. Come on give us some extra stuff.
when is the next shareholders meeting?

Would love to know what ASHI’s revenue is!

very nice

can I get some free microwave testers again? maybe some with a leash so I quit leaving them in microwaves!

Sure, just email me.

We’re on pace to top $7 million in just dues revenue alone for 2016.

Can NACHI spend some of that money on IT? Chris and Tim needs some help. There is so much stuff not working correctly.

But more importantly, what was the profit?

InterNachi is a non-profit organization. ;-):wink:

Agree, but if there is a deficit after all those revenue…

I wonder how many of those things are given away or sold by Nachi.
Bet it is the most popular item volume wise .

“The BOOK” has gotta be second. maybe first actually.]

$1,199.00, two sticks of chewing gum, and five Gummi Bears a year. The money is the pocket change they find by scouring hotel lobby couch cushions. The chewing gum and Guimmi Bears are what stick to their feet while they’re cruising the hotel parking lots. :lol: