InterNACHI's revenue from membership dues up nearly 30% over last year.

InterNACHI’s revenue from dues in 2015 was $5,157,977.00.

InterNACHI’s revenue from dues in 2016 was $6,693,263.00. An increase of 29.76% over last year.

Muy Bueno Senor Nick!
More pesos = More Benefits! \:D/\:D/

Fantastic well Done .


All the very best InterNACHI.
Nick, it pays to dream and work hard on your dream.
Could not be happier for you.


A very wise man once said:
If you can dream it, you can do it.!!

Nice Job Nick


I remember adding 50 in New York
200 in Florida…
and a Singapore Chapter overnight …
It has been an amazing journey…
onward and upward…

That’s fantastic. How does that equate to the number of members then?

When Joe joined InterNACHI we had 6 members.

Congratulations! I’m just curious what the goal increase was for the year. Almost 30% is extraordinary but how much above the aiming point was it?

We have zero control over how many members we have. It’s not like the home inspection business where you guys can control how many inspections you do. We can only keep adding to and inspectors (who are a tough bunch because they analyze everything with the eye of a professional inspector) join and renew or don’t join and don’t renew. Every member votes because every member can choose not to renew each year. So every year, InterNACHI’s staff has to earn every member’s vote to renew… every year… year after year.

The financial information I made in post #1 is some evidence that InterNACHI’s staff is doing something right.

A big shout out to:

Funny how time changes things. Joe use to be 1 of Nick’s competitors. I don’t talk much on the forum but I read and remember almost everything of importance. I think Joe Farsetta was #3.

We started NACHI as an Organization without an internet web presence.
We had a printed monthly newsletter with a “Cover Girl” every month…

Bring back the Cover Girl…one more membership benefit

General Patton talks about what InterNACHI is going to do to ASHI:

Joseph Hagarty,

   That is so cool.

Present and accounted for General Gromicko. Awaiting orders.

That is quite the growth! I am happy for you. In fact, I am so happy that I will split the $ increase with YOU, Nick. Let me know if you are desirous of this generous offer. :smiley: :mrgreen: