InterNACHI's revenue from dues top $4 million in 2014. 45% growth over last year.

$4,017,824.00 to be precise.

Nice, way to go Nick and InterNACHI :smiley:


Nick… U DA MAN😃\:D/\:D/\:D/

Very nice, we all grow together!

How is inspector outlet doing?

If you need a tax deduction you can donate to the “Human Fund”. (I’m a human) :mrgreen: You have a few hours left in 2014…

Does this mean you can afford a price drop in 2015? :stuck_out_tongue:

(kidding, well, sort of)

Sounds like you have enough to take a vacation to the beautiful country of Afghanistan. Should be enough left over to buy your Taliban friends some ammo too.

You should share a little with ASHI.

That’s a hoot.

Well, they could use it. :wink:

We plan on doing 5.5 million in 2015 and plan on growing to twice its current length.

Speaking of member benefits, there are several “discounts for members” listed on the benefits page, but no discount codes or any direction on how to receive those discounts. So, how does one receive those discounts?

No… Not what it means is I can finally get a raise!\:D/\:D/#-o

Give me one example.

Happy New Year!

15% off at Brooks Brothers
a $25 Gift Card from Sam’s Club
up to 30% off from Dell
25% off Papa John’s Pizza
$60 off ticket to Walt Disney World
$20 off

Specifically I’m interested to find out how to get the Brooks Brother discount. I was about to buy some shirts and remembered seeing this under the benefits.

Ah. Those deals aren’t ones the vendors gave to you… we buy them for you. InterNACHI actually has to pay those vendors every month for them… and it ain’t cheap. So to keep them out of the hands of non-members, we have you register separately for them. The link with the instructions is at the very bottom of this page:

I’ve already used those deals to save myself thousands of dollars personally. They are really awesome.

Since InterNACHI has to pay the vendors for your access to them, I’m trying to do what I can to restrict their use to InterNACHI members only. Hence the separate registration process (link at bottom of ).

Also, if after you register, you enter your zip/postal code, the system will automatically email you when a local, exclusive deal becomes available in your town.

If you use 3 or 4 a year, it pays for your membership dues and then everything else is profit.

Awesome! Thanks Nick.