InterNACHI's Big Inspector Success Seminar coming to Milwaukee on February 24, 2009.

THANK YOU for all that you do for NACHI’s members!:stuck_out_tongue:

Door prizes galore totaling more than $7000.00 including:

Just down the street.
I’m there!

Car pool?

Who gets to be the designated driver?

Never checked out that casino yet,where the guy says this is about to get interesting.

Worth the trip to meet Dom and Nick.


Not much action on this thread. Anybody attending? I may be driving in from Minnesota, as the Minneapolis venue isn’t happening. Show of hands?:smiley:

We (David Nice and I) mailed out 451 snail mail (U.S. Postal Service) invites today.


How does it look at this point in time? Should I be considering Chicago, instead? Not much difference in travel time.


Chicago is a full house, but it is the same event essentially (except that Will Decker will be presenting in Chicago as well), so if you want a smaller crowd, come to Milwaukee.

I’m flying into Chicago on the 24th and staying at the Hilton inside ORD. I’ll drive to Milwaukee that night, do the show, drive back to ORD that same night (I’ll be wired), then do Chicago show on the 25th, then fly home 26th early in time to do a NACHI.TV shoot that morn. I’m bringing my brother Ben and my buddie Peter Tafeen with me. They are a lot of fun.

I’ll be there and I’ve talked to a few HIPPIES going. But the big party is after the Chicago event. We’re heading out for ‘pies’ afterwards. I’m tired of this California crap they call Pizza! :mrgreen:

I grew up in Chicago, and lived in SoCal for 9 years… Don’t even use the word pizza/pie in the same sentance as California!!! :shock::p:D;-)

Looks like I’ll be booking for Milwaukee. If I go to Chicago, I will need to spend 4 days visiting old haunts. I haven’t been to Milwaukee in something like 30 years. It’s time for a visit. :cool:


I believe I will be there in milwaukee, see ya guys there.

Pick up Mike Larson on the drive down to Milwaukee.

I’m looking forward to going! Should be a good time!

See ya there.

Hey Scott,

Glad to hear you’re coming! You’re about the same distance to Milwaukee and Chicago aren’t you?

Looking forward to seeing all of you on Tuesday!

Likewise… It’ll be great to finally meet everyone in person. :smiley:

See ya there!!

See you on Tuesday.

I shipped one of these: to David Nice to bring to the event.