InterNACHI's Marketing Department is going to make online custom videos for members.

We’re launching a new division of InterNACHI’s Member Marketing Department. We’re going to be making custom online videos that promote members. These videos will include the member’s contact information, a link to their inspection business website, mention of their qualifications and ancillary inspection services, and their inspection business logo. Members will also be able to email us still shots of themselves in action on inspections so that we can incorporate them into the videos. The scripts of the videos will of course be search engine optimized. They will be hosted on sites like YouTube, InterNACHI will link to them from some of our inspector search sites, and members will be able to embed their custom videos on their own websites as well.

We signed a lease on a warehouse on Friday where we can build out the film sets. We also hired an additional Final Cut Pro editor and graphics artist to help create the promotional videos.

We begin production in three weeks.

Awesome, something I will
Be interested in reviewing.


That’s what I love about you guys you come up with ideas and implement them immediately! I’ve tried a few different video formats on YouTube over the years and I’m looking forward to seeing what you have to offer especially with regard to SEO! Thanks for all you do!

Great when do we start

Great news. It’s something I would be interested in.

I hired Wind Over the Earth to design the sets and order all the equipment. I’m going to start building out the sets immediately. I want the same quality out of this division as we’re getting from the rest of Jesse’s Marketing Department. I’m certain we can start production within three weeks.

Awesone. That sounds great. Any idea how you will n\be pricing services yet?

Look forward to it . Let us know and we are in thanks

Keep me updated on this. Very interested!


Just joking, but how is it going? Any samples yet? Any updates for us? Any idea of costs.


So sweet this will be awsome!!

Great work as always Nick.
You never stop giving to InterNACHI homies and that is why I repeat my mantra, “Your the King Mate!”

How do we get started.

This is big, keep us updated.

Sorry to go off thread everyone but it does deal with marketing.
Our new Quebec member with some great electrical knowledge to offer our association needs marketing tools.
1: He needs a signature.
Levi will allow it to be a complement for everything he uses it for.

Micheal, you have to get Levi to “build” you a logo.
The marketing material offered to InterNACHI members is geared to get you up and running with both feet.
Ask him to use French if so desired.

Sorry everyone.
Video marketing from this grand association. another great idea and contribution from our astute leader.
Thanks Nick!

PS: send me a 2 boxes of those Real Estate Agent marketing brochures. One in English and one in French. please!!! Fully allowed under Quebec’s language manifesto.

Any update on this yet?

We’re close to launching. I have two more Marketing Tour dates this month (Reno and Salt Lake City), but when I get back, this will be my top priority.