InterNACHI's new Electrical Inspections book coming soon.

Nick, thanks.

I swear, lately you have been like Santa Clause in providing all this great information and help aids to all new inspectors and old alike.

This has got to be to most valuable research and learning site for Home Inspectors there is in the US.

My appreciations are forwarded to you at arms length.

Thank you.

Marcel Cyr:):smiley:

I am very excited about this book. I have made some up to date changes to it and I believe it will be a book all HI’s should own. It goes into alot of detail and I even throw in a few references. I just about revamped the entire book with proper terms for what grounding and bonding really is and how to relate to it.

InterNACHI is ground breaking and honestly this is a good book and it will also update the online course for current information.

Thanks Paul for all your efforts on this and the contributions to Inachi for helping all HI’s in the association. :):smiley:

Thanks Marcel… Nick knows I am dedicated to the members regardless of the crap that goes on sometimes. I have been from day 1 of coming to INACHI at the invite of Nick. What the industry does not know is Nick, his son and brother Ben and all the folks at NACHI really do care about the members…i saw this first hand and the things they are bringing to members in the way of education is more than I every figured to imagine.
I am here as always…many times lurking in the background waiting to answer questions, call my phone ask me stuff as I never mind it and freely accept it…in the end it is all for a single reason…to support INACHI members and I only support INACHI members.

If Paul had a hand in the publication, I’m ready to pre-order.

When will it be released?

Many thanks to authors Paul Abernathy and Gerry Beaumont

Two of the best - expected release date? Cost?

I’ll ditto that Rick.

The educational gurus at their best. :slight_smile:

Thanks to both of them for their support to all members.

I’m excited about this book and also wondering when the Cyr structural book is coming. :mrgreen::wink:

That would be another asset, I’m sure.

Sorry Rick, I am not much of a book writer I’m afraid. :):wink:

I am always interested in a good book. The one I have is somewhat dated.
1999. Electrical Inspecting of Residential Dwellings.

Marcel I would agree with you on St. Nick a claus.

The shirts, books, badges, pins, education and all the other stuff that I Nachi and Nick provides is like Xmas.

Does this mean that I will find a book under my Xmas tree this year.:smiley:

Looking forward to the book!!

Congrats Mate!! and Paul!!

I would expect the book within the next few weeks. However, Nick would know that better than me. We worked very hard to not make it “Codie” in nature and while I was tempted as such you wont find many code references within it which will make alot of people happy…However, I do smell a book in the works later on that is latent with code references along the same lines…just have to convince NICK to publish it for me when i get around to doing it…lol

Thank you Paul and can not wait to see it and made available to all Members.

Electrical and Mechanical are my weak points.
Of course nobody’s perfect, right?;):mrgreen:

Lord knows Im not my friend…I get reminded of it daily…lol

Neither is anyone else Paul.

I am just proud to be a Member of this Association with both you and Gerry B…
Both of you are excellent educators and a big plus to this Association.

All right Gerry, can you pat yourself in the back now and take a picture Please?:mrgreen:;):slight_smile:

Seriously, thanks for all the contributions. :slight_smile:

Hi to all,

thanks for the kind words, I’m trilled to see this get published in book for many members have asked me if it was available other than as an on-line course, I know Paul has done a lot of rewritting since I wrote it especially in the areas of grounding and bonding and also bringing it up to date to the 2008 NEC, it’s kind of funny to think that AFCI’s were only just coming in when the course was originally published.

Anyway Paul & I are planning a nationwide book signing tour in the fall as we know that this one will surely put us on the NY Times best sellers list and earn us the Pullitzer Prize.

All proceeds will go the the Abernathy-Beaumont Home for loose women, we are trying to save them all … for ourselves. :cool:



OMG…I so love Gerry B…lol

Ok…I have added yet a 4th technical review/revision of the book and have fine tuned some of the graphics and some verbiage…It should be printing VERY soon.

Where do we get the book?