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ISBN 1-56158-527-0


As many of you know Cauldwell, has also written a home inspection book that I am a fan of as a starter book for home inspectors, and I also like this title.

It is not a Home inspectors guide to electrical systems, more of a general theory and practice, of residential wiring systems, but is non the less a very good publication, that does a good job of covering the electrical systems, it does cover some of the issues related to K&T and Aluminum wiring, and it is nice to see that he explains the differences between "to code" instalations and best practice instalations, the book's chapters cover:

The basics
Tools of the trade
The service entrance
Panels and sub panels
The art of grounding
Wiring room by room
Fuses and Breakers
Receptacles and boxes
Lightning & surge protection

It is very well written, for the non electrician and has a wealth of photographs and clear diagrams, for those who feel that they are weak on residential wiring I would strongly recommend this book.

The published price is $24:95 (US) but Dave can supply it at our usual members discount, please contact him for pricing and availability at membership@nachi.org



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Taunton puts out a lot of very good books. I have read both the electrical and the home inspection book about a year back. Both were very informative from a “basics” view. My latest reading from Taunton (about 7 months ago) was Renovating Old Houses by George Nash. A very good book! Its kind a mix of “This Old House” meets “Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance.” If you enjoy the “Spirt” of old houses its a very good read.

The review does it more justice then I can.


Happy Reading! You never know what you might learn!

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Reminder that The Home Inspector Store offers this at 10% off published price to NACHI members. Shipping is $5. If NACHI’s price is lower remember that we still offer the 10% off all orders for members on items NACHI does not have.

Good work Gerry and Dave. I have this book and love it.

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I’ve had this book for many years, and is why I recognized Rex’s name on the home inspection book. It was highly recommended at the time I was looking for references for installing my pool. Looks like the generator section is new but the rest has been there. It was an excellent text for the DIYer and I would recommend it for continuing education for inspectors. The best book I found when it came to wire a new subpanel was “Complete Guide to Home Wiring” by Black&Decker (at HomeDepo’s & Lowes). Probably not as good a general overview of all those systems, but a very good project-by-project reference with excellent color photos & close-ups.

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