InterNACHI's Next IR Class

InterNACHI’s next INFRARED CERTIFIED training]( webinar will be on Dec 29-30, 2012. Contact me for discount for first 5 students. We have never canceled a monthly webinar class in 5 years. Last month’s class was one of our biggest ones yet. Thanks to all for the positive feedback and emails of support. See you in class!

[FONT=Arial]We are getting calls for training students from all over the world… such as multi-inspector firms, engineers, insurance adjustors, building contractors, and energy evaluators.

See our video called a “Consumer’s Guide to Infrared Thermography”. You can also embed this video into your website.

Here is the code…
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We have hundreds of students out running their thermal imaging business after taking our live INFRARED CERTIFIED class.

I am in John. 29- 30 if I remember. Want to go into the New Year with the INACHI cert.
All the best.

See you in class Robert

Thanks John. Be a nice way to bring in the New Years.:slight_smile:

I hope other INACHI members taking the InterNACHI IR Certification course chime in. Nothing like getting ahead of your competition.:slight_smile:

That’s where I get a lot of my work. Clients ask questions and compare qualifications. Some folks just never learn.:p:p

Quite right Linas.
Everyone starts somewhere remember.
When all the facts can be judged without bias it allows the image to be clear.
Clients ask questions and compare qualifications. I get how much myself. Then I have to walk a personal marketed narrative.
remember INACHI CERTIFIED IR is a combined IR inspection and not exclusive IR inspection. I could be mistaken.

Throw in a HI’S years of education, practical experience with the ability to market one self better and the whole picture get clearer.
Just like IR Linas.
You may know how to get an image, but without the formal back ground Home Inspection or Commercial inspection training acting as a value added education you will have a harder time understand where to look, what you are looking at and how to increase the angles of observation.

RHI, CCHI, C.A.H.P.I ACHI, Resnet, BPI, ITC and the other educators all educating and certifying.
All hypothetical until the real work gets done. Creating the best inspector you can be.
So comparing Apples to Oranges is nonsense.
All the best Linas to you and your family this holiday season.