Feedback on InterNachi IR Class

I was hoping to get some feedback on from anyone who has taken the InterNachi IR webinar class as to what they thought of it. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Are you referring to this course?

Do you own a camera?

Do you mean the course that is taught by the guy who provided the content for this course ?

Make sure you read the ‘FINE PRINT’.

Jess, scan the internet for the certified certification labels and see “high quality” examples like this…

If this is your goal, than go for it.

Take the course and you too can use this scan from the “master” (like everyone else does).

Did anyone mention that an 11 degree temperature rise in this instance does not constitute a significant exception (as labeled) ?!

*Photo taken from 7 internet sites (to include “IR Certified”).


LMAO…it’s all I can say. Man it’s a tough crowd out there…

Yes I just picked up a FLIR I7.

Yes. That is the one. I wasnt thrilled that it was a webinar class but I figured it would get me started until I could get into a Level 1 class. But if it is not worth the time I wanted to find out.

It is truly ashame that no two people with a thermal imagining backgroundi can agree on any thing in the ir field. How the hell are new people to the industry supposed to know who to trust or which school to go to for an honest education. If it was cheap it would not be a problem, but it cost thousands to be possibly duped.

Hundreds have taken the InterNACHI Infrared Webinar and are now running their IR business. When Ben Gromicko (education director) recently asked for written proof of any issues with the IR course, none were submitted by the same group you are reading in this thread. Hmmmm.

One even asked if he could teach the class and when he was told no he then started telling everyone how bad the class was. Go figure.

“What your doing is so loud, I can’t hear what your saying”.

BTW… anyone can still submit any proof to Ben at any time.

Things are not what they appear. The breaker in the upper left had an issue at the bus bar and this photo shows how an untrained novice would not think about that, just as you did. Whoops. :mrgreen: The photo was used to show how easy it is to miss something because some electrical issues have low temperature evidence, but the “pattern” reveals the defect. The hot spot is not as bad as it could be if left to get worse.

My philosophy has always been… If you have to explain a picture, it isn’t worth crap!!

Show me your temperature correction computations John.

Ooops! I forgot, you don’t do that.

You’re using an “example” like this?
A scan that is not properly tuned.
A temperature measurement point improperly placed.
The spot size ratio is not correct in your measurement tool.

I didn’t say anything about which spot we were talking about. 11° Delta T was from the “automatic temperature span” you are utilizing.

I would think that if someone was going to use and spread an example of a thermal scan across the Internet, they would at least make the appropriate adjustments.

Don’t try to blow smoke up my *** John….

Another month, another John trashing.

Did any of you fancy super duper IR boys help Ben with the course corrections yet?

The problem is, you’re not listening to the right two people!

If you can’t find a general consensus on a particular subject, I guess you need to conduct more research before making your decision.

How many people out there that have used this thermal scan on their website know that the tiny little spot (that only takes up 50% of the spot size ratio of that temperature measurement tool, producing in an accurate measurement) is trying to depict an indirect temperature measurement from the Buss?

The label placed on the scan doesn’t tell the story.

I guess you have to take John’s class to find out the rest of the story….

Nobody asked.

Are too busy listening to you trash everybody else, about everything else.

Funny thing is… the bus bar issue was discovered and repaired without doing any of the above. How did that happen? While your saying it cannot be done, the rest of us are out making IR work in the real world. Deal with it.

Baloney David.

Both Ben and John asked repeatedly for any corrections needed.

Ben specifically asked for emails to him if you have specific corrections to the NACHI IR material

If you didn’t not see those threads fine. But a lot of other John naysayers did and refused to step up and improve the material.

Not trying to bash or be rude, trying to make a’s hard to find 3 people to agree on ir. There are way to many varables. I will sign for your class next week and try to get the rest of the story.