InterNACHI's plumbing training

I just wanted to thank InterNACHI for everything they provide. I’d like to give a quick example of just how good the training is with InterNACHI. I’m currently enrolled in a plumbing codes class at my community college. My instructor called tonight and said I don’t need to show up for class on Tuesday for the final because I have a high A in the class already, and he’s trying to give others a chance since he grades on a curve. Besides tooting my own horn, I don’t think I could’ve done it as easily as I did had I not previously gone through the plumbing inspection training here. The semester was more of a review and an opportunity to talk to the instructor, who is also a city inspector here. InterNACHI has given me the knowledge and confidence I need in order perform the best service for my clients. Thanks and keep up the great work.