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i just became a member of InterNACHI.:slight_smile: About a week ago I started an online inspection course with a school. I am very upset with the course information as it is very general/vague, for example it will talk about heating systems and verbally describe the different types, but it doesn’t give pictures or explain how to recognize them. I signed up for the course hoping it would prepare me for InterNACHI’s exam, but I found the free info on this website to be more helpful.
My question is: is there any reason for me to complete the course? I am learning about the different systems in a house through InterNACHI, and other websites, and there is still time for me to get a refund. I live in California. The only thing the course says it can do for me is offer me a certificate of completion. Most of the course fee was to be a member of InterNACHi once completed, they also gave me some cheap tools.

Any training (as long as it is accurate) will help you be a better inspector. That being said, the training here is great, and most of it is free with your membership. I think, knowing what I know now, that if I had the same thing to say about a course I had bought, I would probably try to get a refund.

What is the name of the school? How much did you pay?

The reason I ask you to “out” them is so that others can be fair warned. That is one of the main purposes of this message board. If you find something great out there, tell us. If you find something not so great out there, tell us.

If the type of education isn’t a match for you, go for the refund. That’s what they are for. People learn by different methods.

InterNACHI is the Best place for information, training and further education.
You did not say what your background is/was, (carpenter, electrician, plumber, handyman, have little or no construction experience).
If you have some general construction experience, then study all you can of NACHI’s courses, ask questions of other members, read all you can on the subject (like Inspecting a House, by Rex Cauldwell - I found it on Ebay). Go to Best and contact George. He is a Great source of Information.
Most Importantly, ask the guys who have been in the business, before you buy anything.
Take it from someone who was a little lost before I came to InterNACHI.
Best thing I could have ever done.
(By the way, I spent alot through PHII, but felt the program was Good)

Well since you asked Nick, it’s Allied schools. It was $500. I should have known better, when I was asking the guy from the school about the program, I wanted to make sure it was for someone who didn’t have any construction background ( I do have some ) at all, and that it would let me know what I needed to be a qualified HI. He assured me that it would be everything I needed to get started in the HI biz. And that is true, good place to start, but not everything you need. But it did lead me to InterNACHI so I am now on the right track. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like most inspectors can get what they need to be a qualified HI from being a member with InterNACHI. And that is enough of a qualification to persuade potential clients. Right? I am looking forward to doing ride alongs and continuing to learn about the biz. For me, believe it or not, it’s not about the money, completely:D I want to do a good job, and that’s why I am not going to start doing inspections until I feel like I am ready to provide a good inspection for my clients. Allied schools program alone would not provide that for me. Anyone know a good book, with pictures etc. for a new inspector?
Mark Edinger

We had to have classroom hours and that help us for the national

Mark, as a new-be too I took the AHIT online a tad pricey but well worth the investment. I didn’t bring a construction backgound with me (I came from the wdo side) so the course was well put together. I have found as well the benefits to Internachi to be awesome.

It is an education, good luck.


Watch the lower video on the bottom of this page. (scroll down).

InterNACHI just revolutionized education around the world.

Find a technical school in your area. I went to the Milwaukee Area Technical Collage and had a great time. My instructor knew his stuff. He used a classroom book and videos to teach. I do not think you could get all of that in an onlice course anywhere.

You need to take the 100 hour Proffesional Home Inspection course from Allied. It will cost you more than $1000, maybe closer to $1400-1600. There are still things that NACHI has that that course doesn’t, but the certificate is worth more than the course that you are taking. Do a little more homework on their courses. Their own sales staff don’t know enough about the courses they offer. I had the advantage in that Arizona requires 80 hours and DETC accreditation. This forced me to do the research before I signed up. California doesn’t have that requirement.

I am looking into different online courses for home inspection. I would like to know if anyone has heard anything on the training from PHII or ITA.
Any information about either of them would be greatly appreciated. I live in southern Minnesota and I could not find any classes in my area and I want to make sure I receive the best education I can get for my money. I have noticed a few schools will give you tools to start a business but I would like to know what tools would be the best and also what software do you like to use.
One more question, when you inspect a roof, do you climb up onto it or just go up a ladder? Thanks in advance to all.