Confused about Internachi - I just did these classes

Hello. I just joined today. I am a licensed plumber and licensed electrician, carpenter, builder of many years and am switching to home inspection because my back can’t take the other any more.

I did the 90 hour course with ICA and they gave me a year’s membership here.

But now that I am here, I am asked to do all the courses over again and take a test? I’m confused.
There is so much various information on this website, I am having a hard time figuring out what exactly I am supposed to do.

I have scheduled to take my test to get a license in Tennessee. Earliest date was Jun 18…
So, now I am studying for the test.

Why do I have to take the InterNachi courses that I just took at the other school all over again?
Can’t I just take the membership test here? (CPI?)

I also took the 90 hour course from ICA. There is a lot more to learn besides what ICA offered.
The requirements for CPI are not too time consuming and will add a lot to your overall knowledge.
I find the courses offered by InterNachi actually enjoyable. I have taken over 180 hours of the free courses offered by InterNachi since January. I thought being a decreed mechanical and electrical engineer for 30+ years would be enough. It is not!
Take the InterNachi courses for CPI and spend time on this forum. Many of these guys posting here are the real experts and offer a lot from their experience.
Good Luck!!


Thanks. So there is no way for me to get credit for the 90-hour course here?

Copy & paste your initial post, send to:
You’ll get an answer.
What you’re looking for is if this association accepts courses that you’ve acquired outside of here. And welcome! :cowboy_hat_face:

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180 hours… That should qualify for the Beaumont Educational Achievement Award?


Not familiar with that. Do I submit for that?

Send your stuff to Marcel

So basically, you want InterNachi to Certify you with information that another entity trained you with and they have no control over?
You have some gall!
I really shouldn’t be surprised, given your contractor culture.
Look at the bright side… only 910 more hours for CMI.
Good luck with that!!

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Thanks Marc, I will do that

If everybody wanted to apply their previous training (whatever & wherever that might be), we’d have no consistency or assurance they covered the same material, etc and our CPI would be worthless…

You don’t have to be rude Mr. Jones.

I am not asking for them to provide a “certification” to my State as I already got that from ICA…90 hours of it. When I pass the NHIE exam, I will be LICENSED through my state. That is all I need to work.

I want to take the InterNachi test to prove I know it. But it looks like you have to check the boxes by taking all their classes first…

This “CPI” is not necessary but a professional “add-on”.
And, I don’t think “CMI” is going to get me any more business.

My wife is a certified Quality Engineer and certified Quality Auditor. In those professional certification organizations (all engineering ones), they don’t care where you take the classes or if you took any paid classes (you can self-study). You have to prove you know the body of knowledge on a test they control and then they certify you when you pass. Then, you take CE to maintain your certification.
She does not have to have the alphabet soup behind her name but it helps her when she wants to change companies…

Is that the case here? Or do I have to retake the classes?

P.S. Sounds like you have a personal beef with contractors. Never been a contractor, just built homes for over 30 years on my own.

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Isn’t the consistency the test? If you can pass their test, you know the material right?
Everyone that passes has a base knowledge level.
Nachi can make the test as hard or as easy as they want to get their organization’s certification.

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Passing a test does not mean you know all there is to know. The NHIE is a multiple choice test. Just taking a guess at the answers you have a 25% chance of being correct. I took the test and did very well, but that doesn’t mean I know the material in and out or even know everything about inspection.
Guys you think are rude like Jeff and Dan, forgot more than I will ever learn about inspection.
I don’t think you need to worry about being a CPI though interNachi. Just take the NHIE and you will know all there is about home inspection

Apparently Mr. David isn’t gonna be satisfied with any of our answers. He should probably just go to ASHI. Maybe he’ll have better luck over there.

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Perhaps he should send a message to headquarters like I already suggested,
I think JJ threw him off track… :face_with_head_bandage:

Like it says in my signature… "I am not a teacher, but an awakener."
It’s about time that he ‘Woke up’!
Remember… if it wasn’t for “Licensed Tradesmen and Engineers”, Professional Inspectors would be out of work!!!


The main answer here is that you need to pass the test. The course work shown has to be done over the course of the first year. If you can pass the test now, the rest comes quickly and easily. I am not a licensed anything, but was able to pass the test with just two of the classes I was most unfamiliar with, and have (since certification) been working through the remaining courses.

Sweet! Congratulations! Been working through a number of them myself this year and have racked up some hour points. Maybe I’ll hit the mark like you did! Good job!

Just took it today and passed without taking any of Nachi classes.
After I pass my State Licensing Test, I may come back and retake these same courses.
I think doing the work, and getting experience, will teach more than sitting in front of this computer.

I never said that passing a test means you “know all there is to know”. Where did you infer that? That’s silly. Passing their test could mean you have a BASE KNOWLEDGE level in order to be certified under them like other professional certification organizations.

Rude is rude. He obviously doesn’t like contractors for some reason.

I came here trying to understand this “system” which is different than any other organization I am familiar with and had experience with. It is different and the requirements seemed weird. So weird that I doubted I was reading it right.
However, I realized that many states do not have a licensing requirement so this organization is trying to be the licensing agent with their certification.

I decided to take their test and passed it.

Why do they allow you to “import” CE credits from other agencies and organizations but don’t let you transfer in credit for these same base classes? Weird, but whatever. It’s their rules.

My first year membership was free so, I’ll decide if it’s worth getting a “CPI” symbol later.