Interview with sponsor of Florida Home Inspector Licensing
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Hi to all,

I started watching this last night but didn’t have time to finish, the one lasting thought I did come away with was that if you don’t want licensing don’t do poor inspections for state politicians :wink:

I know of at least 4 states where the push for licensing was started buy a politician who felt they had been badly served by their home inspector.



I think the sponsor needed a better understanding of what an inspection is and what it is not. He was upset that his ac went out after moving in. I am sure that the inspector would have called it out if it didn’t work at the time of the inspection.

He was also concerned that his wiring didn’t meet code. Which version of the code did it not meet?

Are we now going to be inspecting for code?

Are we going to have to carry a crystal ball so that we can tell someone the date and time of when one of the systems of the home is going to fail?

I can’t wait to see what the SOP is going to look like after hearing why the sponsor thought we needed to regulate home inspectors.

I think we need to have legislation abuot politicians that do a poor job, like him! :smiley:

Isn’t that the truth.

After watching it I wondered if he was a cousin of Richard B.

Perhaps you guys should start the process by researching every bill he signed into law that either backfired, doesn’t work, is meaningless, is poorly defined, or didn’t turn out as intended.

Bring them to his attention, then post it in the media.

Explain that, despite all the best intentions and all the research and all the thinking, sometimes things just happen. He has no crystal ball. He believes he is more than qualified. He stands on his record.

Then compare it to a home inspection, which is a snapshot of the property he is purchasing. Explain that we dont have a crystal ball, either. We are well qualified. And, statistically, we also stand on our record. Oh, yeah… explain that we are not permitted to disassemble or damage any part of the home we are inspecting (because it’s not owned by our client at the time of the inspection).

Tell him that of everyone involved in the transaction, his inspector was paid the least (way lower than anyone else).

Tell him that if he wants real reform, he should look at the ENTIRE process, and see who has the most to gain or and the most to lose. He can start reforming things right there.

We’re an easy target. We are a relatively small industry, that is not well funded and not well organized. Everyone knows it in the RE industry.

And there’s the formula for HI licensing…

Too many home inspectors (and others) standing in the wings willing to help him do this as well.

Or as I like to say selling their birthright for a bowl of slop. Exclusive photo of Florida Home Inspector Licensing Coalition. :smiley: