Florida Licensing Action Plan

I believe it is time to go to the media and expose the legislative process which is taking place now. The public needs to be aware that home inspector licensing is an utter failure and there is absolutely no consumer protection ensconced within any current of forthcoming bill this year.

If you have any media contacts we should be contacting them, here in Tampa Bay there was a reporter doing an expose’ on the “My Safe Florida” I believe his name was Ivan Penn and was probably integral in getting it dumped, I’m in the process of contacting him.

I also personally know and have conducted a home inspection for Action 10 Tampa news person Jackie Calaway who I will be contacting this week.

For those of who have opposed licensing from the first and never wavered it is an opportunity to show the failure for exactly what it is.

Joe I was typing and suggesting a pole as you were making this post. I AGREE lets kill it

I believe the question should be - is licensing beneficial now that we have it.

I believe licensing is beneficial and will be more beneficial once we stop other trades from being licensed without home inspection education and exams.

I don’t think licensing cured everything but if you want to be looked at as any kind of professional you should want that procession to have to have a license. Those of you that disagree with being license please explain why and what you tell someone when they say you don’t even need a license.

I believe there will be more consumer protection with this bill than there was prior to licensing. Just my opinion. I’d also say that the horse has left the barn at this point - no going back.

Could licensing actually be revoked? I know Meeker’s gonna want a refund

I tell you what. All the guys that dont want to be licensed can just hand it in so there can be two kinds. The licensed professional and the unlicensed HI. Try that for advertising. Im proud of all my licenses and believe (an have been told) that my clients appreciate them. But I know there are a lot that will say all my credentials don’t mean im qualified to inspect a home.

Prestion we’re licensed CGC’s - we’re definitely qualified:twisted:

Does a drivers licence mean you are qualified to drive? You don’t even need Drivers Ed. We all know Licenced Contractors that couldn’t build a box if you cut everything for them. There will continue to be unqualified HIs out there. If our clients knew what was involved with getting grandfathered it would be embarrassing.“Licencing solves nothing”

Licensing solves nothing. :wink:

With some I may agree but as a whole I completely disagree. Who do you go to. A licensed doctor or the guy that says he is just as good but doesn’t believe in those silly licenses? I mean let’s be realistic here.

Like it or not your campaign should be to push through licensing or you may get left behind.

To defuse the errant theory that a “license” assures any degree of quality at all (as if a “marriage license” does not already provide sufficient proof), let’s look at what the dictionary says.

The actual words will differ from book to book, but the general definition of the word “license” is ‘to give permission’ (as a verb) or ‘proof of permission’ (a noun).

It simply means that everyone may be entitled to get it (almost literally, in your state)…and that there is someone somewhere with the power to take it away.

If you were to take the thousands of home inspection licenses granted to inspectors across the nation in the last 10 years…you will most likely find the number of licenses “taken away” to be, at the most, in the double digits.

We know that the number of incompetent inspectors nationwide over only the last two moat recent years would number in the thousands as well…but not the revocations.

Politicians, generally, are against doing things that cost jobs or votes.

Based on this fact alone…having a license is meaningless when it comes to distinguishing competency or skill.

Licensing solves nothing.

The trouble with polls like this for anonymous voters is that the inferior inspector, who needs this valuable (in his mind) credential to gain credibility, is allowed to promote it without embarassing himself by publicly revealing his own identity.

To all of you guys who are complaining now - where were you in 2003 when home inspectors were pushing for licensing under our agenda. You did not want it back then, when we had a say in it. Now it is being shoved down our throats by by people who know know nothing about our profession, and look at the mess we have. Now we are going to have to settle for whatever they decide to give us. Talk all you want, but 1500 home inspectors do not have the money. influence, or power to take on the builders association or the realtors association. Our fate is out of our hands, and now we will have to deal with whatever they give us. $50,000.00 to a lobbyist is going to do nothing but make him rich. You might stay informed, but you will have little influence over what happens.

And being self proclaimed is better?

I will give you the marriage license thing though

you know thats right. At least now anyone can do insurance inspections.

Jim is correct. A license isn’t a qualification A license is proof that you received permission to do something from someone who has very little understanding of what you do.

Probably the best description of what a state license is that I have read in quite a long while! :wink:

So true - Nick

I am amazed that apparently a lot of you still do not get it. According to your votes.

What the heck is wrong with you people? Vote and get rid of ALL THE HASSEL. It Does NONE of you any GOOD. It COSTS you ALL MONEY. WAKE UP WAKE UP.

Please prove you have a brain and Vote to get rid of it NOW.

Well raise my rent. :smiley:

There are 44 licenses the state is looking at and CG’s are in the mix.