introduce myself and figure this thing out

My name is Gary and I am in Texas. I am not an inspector but want to achieve that goal. I have been in home building and remodeling, plus termite repair for the largest pest Co in the country for 30 + years so I know the business well. Besides this helpful site and couses here online and of course passing the Texas State test what else is required in this state.

My understanding is TX has a long and difficult list of requirements. I suggest you research and get the most updated list and go from there. Nothing else matters if you don’t abide to TX requirements… at a MINIMUM.

Yes very confusing. Texas requirements per there websight.90 hours in specified courses 8 hours Texas standard. Report wright ing 8 hours Texas standards of practice/legal/ethics.
update + 16 additional hours of core inspection courses.
And 20 hours of field work and 12 hours of approved experience course work.
I guess my question is do the courses on here meet these requirements. They give a list of people for approved ride along that I assume would be the field work but it is very confusing and of course if you try and call them no answer or call back. HELP

**For Texas: **To see which courses are approved by Texas, please visit or email for help in deciding which currently-approved courses to take.