Introduction to real estate

Goodmorning Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my first time getting into becoming a real estate agent and im super excited! I’m 22 year old and very eager to learn and just be a sponge to all the new waters i will be in. I have wanted to take real estate seriously for pretty long now but i was lacking ( in my opinion ) the information i needed to really take to another level. I hope to find great connection and even better friends.

Please elaborate on your statement (quoted above).
What does the term “Real Estate” mean to you, and what are you expecting?
Please be very specific. Your use of the term is not what would be normally associated with what we “do” here.


Welcome Ryker,
As Jeff stated, what part of Real Estate are you interested in, there are many.
Broker, Agent, Salesperson, Mortgage officer, Flipper, Stager, Appraisor, Inspector, etc. etc…

This MB is a great place to learn if you’re interested in becoming an inspector.

Welcome - As Kevin said this is a great place to learn.

I got into inspecting when I was around 25 which is young for this profession but it’s possible to overcome. You just have to win people over who initially doubt you. My best employee ever was 24 when he started and is doing great.

Ryker, if you are interested in becoming a home inspector, this may help you get started:

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