Invisible plumbing vent

I inspected a home built by a Russian couple.While I was doing the exterior walk around I noticed that the vent pipe (plumbing)was missing from the roof. I asked the owner where he had vented the plumbing system and he stated he put a new venting and filtering system inside the residents wall.
Is this true or is he smoking something.invisable

Being at the North pole I guess he did not want it to freeze .

Sorry I just could not resist sick Canadian Humor Please forgive me .


hi to all,

Danny, plumbing vents are required to be a minummum of 6 inches above the roof surface, or if a side vent is installed it has be be 8 feet from the property line and 10 feet above grade. (if memory serves)

If he has hidden vents in the wall terminating in the roof space above the top plate (which would be my guess if there are any at all) that condition would need correcting.



With you being up near Fairbanks (I spent ten years in Anchorage) the vent should be at least twelve inches above the roof. I’m pretty sure that AK is under the UPC. The “in the wall vents” are bogus. An AAV should be assessable anyway which they would not be in a wall.

Improper venting as you know can cause all kinds of drainage problems but it also may be the cause of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). They’ve researched many places in China and have linked improper venting to SARS.

So you would not like to see this vent in the attic?:wink:

though upon futher investigation it would appear that this pipe is equipped with an air admittance valve, and considered acceptable termination.


Depends on what is permitted by the AHJ and state or local code.