Vent Pipe Protruding Though the Roof

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. I have been asked this question by a customer and did not have an appropriate answer. I do realize that there has to be some height above the roof due to the roof jack making a good seal. The situation I found is the vent pipe extends only an inch above the roof jack which approximates to roughly 3" extension above roof line. I called it out "as not meeting current minimum standards and to have a qualified plumber to evaluate and repair as necessary.

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I came across this too and never could come up with a good answer. Just reported it as, “typically these are at least 6” blah, blah, blah".

Customer didn't press it and I told them to have it looked at by a plumber when they came out to further evaluate some other, more serious issues.

Back to your original question. I seem to recall that this is so snow accumulating on the roof won't block the vent. Of course if you live where snow is an oddity, making this an across the board requirement doesn't make a lot of sense.

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