Top-Secret Project

Just thought I’d share an early demo of a project I’m working on (no sound, just a video demo):


Awesome! Graphics are from InterNACHI’s Inspection Graphics Library.

Great work Chris!! But why does everything now a days have to be iphone? Are you going to develop something for us crackberry users and other similar phones?

We’ll be releasing it for iPhone and Android, although I don’t really understand why anyone would want to have something other than an iPhone :slight_smile: Blackberry, Sybian and Windows Mobile are dead technologies…

LOL. Your probably right but I find the iPhone to cumbersome in my hand when I am juggling a bunch of stuff. Especially my fishing gear.:wink:

Goodnight gentlemen. And remember, after you say your prayers (prayer works BTW) you should ask yourself the same question, every night before bed…

*What has my association done for me today?


Chris my Samsung Moment blows iphone out of the water.
I did side by side testing.

look forward to the Android version as there are going to be a vast majority of models from different carriers on this system soon as it is going to take over the phone market.

There are at present 15 models for various carriers and Android 2.0 is set to be released.

No reason to be stuck with horrible AT&T service or over priced plans.

Check out the Android App market.Most are free.

I took a picture for dale last night with my 3.2 MP phone camera and captioned it before sending straight to his email which to all of 2 minutes.

I could have sent a video .

I have 2 batteries and a SD storage card .Try that trick with the unrooted iphone.

Did I mention a full querty keyboard.

True, I can’t wait to get away from AT&T. That said, I’ll stick with them as long as they’re the only way I can have an iPhone. Everyone has their own preference, and mine is for clean, usable design.

And, just to fan the fire:

  • Apple app store has over 100 thousand apps, many free. There are about 16 thousand total on the Android market.
  • My iPhone 3GS takes better pictures than many Android phones that have a higher megapixel camera (the 3GS is 3MP, by the way). Pure capture resolution doesn’t matter as much as capture quality, color quality, contrast, etc. I’ve never heard of the Samsung Moment so I can’t compare. iPhone’s tap to focus leads to better photos in general.
  • iPhone can send images/video via MMS and email (as well as uploading to YouTube/Flickr/just about any other sharing service).
  • Battery life on the iPhone is good enough that I don’t need two batteries (up to 12 hours talk time, 12.5 days standby).
  • No need for an SD card—I’ve got 32GB of storage (twice as much as the maximum the Moment can handle).

Sorry—Bob started it :slight_smile:

Also, the iPhone comes with a level of smugness that you just can’t match with any other phone on the market today :slight_smile:

Talk about smug, i am getting very smug showing off all my features.
Not stuck with itunes but can download anything and love the Pandora app.

It is Google based (Beat that)
Moment does everything i phone does but better.

Just getting ready to download another app for speech to text.

My barcode scanner works great .

If you like sms and mms I sure am glad to have a real keyboard.

Touch typing on screen sucks.

You will here more and more about Android, so buy stock while you can.

32 MB sounds great (just do not go over) hahaha
I can buy as much storage as I need :slight_smile:

because it runs on a CrApple OS??? that would be my first guess. :smiley:
Because ATT sucks?? guess number two. :smiley:

That looks great!
When will I be able to watch NACHI TV on my iphone?

Alright, everyone stop us if this starts to get too annoying :slight_smile:

  • True, I have to use iTunes to sync, although I know several people who just manage everything thru their iPhone (almost everything is automatically synced for you anyway).
  • I have Pandora/ on my iPhone.
  • I have various speech-to-text based apps, including one made by Google on my iPhone.
  • I dare you to enter into a typing competition with me. I sat down with a couple of friends and we compared the iPhone to a number of phones with “real” keyboards. I typed faster than all of them.
  • Actually, your phone can only handle 16GB. Sure, you could switch out cards, but how’s this scenario sound: “Oh, I want to use Pandora. OK, I’ll just turn off my phone, take out the battery, pull out this little card and put it somewhere where I won’t forget it. Now I’ll grab another tiny card and put it in my phone, put the batter back on, close it up, and turn the phone on. OK… what was it that I wanted to do?”

Hehe. It’s the Mac vs. PC debate all over again.


We have looked at streaming NACHI.TV to the iPhone but it’s probably not going to happen any time soon. There are a number of technical reasons it wouldn’t be easy to go mobile with the videos, but another big reason is that the videos are pretty high resolution and many of them have to been viewed in detail that’s not available on any mobile phone. Also, many of them are so long that they’re not realistic for mobile viewing (are you really going to watch a 5 hour video on your iPhone?).

That said, it’s something that we continue to look at and may do in the future.


Cool app!

Glad to hear you will publish for Android. I bought a Droid, but I do love the iPhone (it keeps my Apple stock very happy):wink:

Great App Chris…:mrgreen:

damn…I am just gonna follow Chris…sounds like its better to go with the current than against it!

Hey Bob,

I was reading the thread about the NACHI app and noticed you recently purchased an Android phone. It’s bad *** isn’t it? I picked up a Droid (Android 2.0) and it blows the iPhone out of the water. I can’t post in the misc. section or I’d back you up with some Android ammunition. You forgot to throw the biggest feature in Chris’ face…multitasking! Android can run multiple apps at the same time. No dice on the iDon’t. Also, when you get Android 2.0, Google Navigation is the most amazing software I’ve ever seen. Live traffic reports, satellite view, constantly updated since it’s connected to the internet and much more!

Kevin Pierce
Cascade Builder Services

What can I say Chris
The people are speaking…:):):slight_smile:

Chris we are all limited by out typing skills in general but I have an option for touch or keyboard and key board is faster by nature.

The key pads have a full numeric pad at top and you need to switch your entire virtual screen over to get a number (right):mrgreen:

By the way Android has multi-tasking and is open source.
Steve Jobs retired for good reason.

The cool factor wears off once everyone sees all the control and locks on his iphone (open source is best)