IR Marketing with Sample Photos

Drove past a local hotel, recently renovated, and shot these images on the East side around 6:30 pm.
Would you send a letter to the manager?
If so, what would you say?



Good idea. Will have to think about how I would present it. Interested in others’ input.

Some people are partnering with local lumber yards (lowes, home depot, etc)
with their coupons for all those who buy energy audits. The lumber yard
promotes the energy audit and the auditor sends them back to the lumber
yard with the discount coupons.


This is not a home inspection.

Peter- I would take the approach of making a little report with the pictures and suggesting that you help him in the renovation by providing a scan so that more insulation can be add more insulation and seal the hotel better. Discuss with him how it will not only reduce the energy costs but also make it more comfortable for the guest. I was in St. Louis this week for a conference stayed in a hotel in downtown that when the heater in the room was on there was a 15 degree temperature swing from the top of the room to the bottom of the room. We were in a corner room with 2 outside walls. I was not impressed at all.
You can also use something like this
I saw it in the itc newsletter for this month:

OJ Utter
itc Level 3 Thermographer