Infrared Photos

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on a few brochures and templates specifically for Infrared. I’m in need of hi-resolution thermal photos, and would appreciate any quality images that you could send my way for use in templates for our marketing library.

Please only send images that are owned by you - no copying off of other sites!

Images can be emailed to me at

I appreciate anything that you can send me, and if you have any ideas that you would like to see made into templates, let me know!

I have hundreds if not thousands of thermal images that I’d be glad to help out with but I’m kinda at a loss as to exactly what to send you.

Are you doing separate brochures for Equine Thermal Imaging, Moisture Detection, Commercial, Thermal Roof Inspections, Energy Audits, Mechanical, etc… and if so which areas are you most interested in?


Are you trying to make a couple brochures that contain images from all different uses of IR? I can send images grouped as electrical, insulation, roofing, moisture, etc… or just send you a bunch of random images of everything?

Each area of inspection really needs it’s own brochure because there’s so much info to do with each area(this is just my opinion).

Are you trying to keep the brochures mainly focused on thermal imaging used during Home Inspections or all types of thermal inspections?

Last question, are you looking for full thermal images without any digital picture areas surrounding them or image’s within pictures(PIP)/Thermal Fusion type stuff?

Look at the different types of styles that I’ve posted, let me know what works best for you and I’ll start sending them your way.

You can also look through any of my websites or videos ( and use any of those images. If there’s any concerns that any images don’t belong to me, let me know which ones are in question and I’ll send you the originals along with the addresses of where and when the images were taken(other than 2 images that belong to FLIR)

Best of luck with this! I figure by helping you I’m also helping myself because I need some new brochures and art and design is definitely my weakness:mrgreen:

Utah Equine Thermal Imaging10.jpg


Do you think before and after(IR) images would be best?



These will be used in brochures for InterNACHI members, so any images pertaining to home inspections would be great. The regular shot + thermal shot always works well for getting the point across, but really any quality images pertaining to the home would be a great help.

I’ll just keep posting 4-5 slides a day until I run out of my last power point presentation or until you tell me to stop.

If anybody else uses atleast a 320x240 resolution camera (or around that), and see’s any images that may be of use to you, let me know and I’ll send you the originals.


That would be amazing. Thanks!

Thanks Brandon!

Your welcome, hopefully I’ll have a few that can be of some assistance.

I’ve got a lot more on the way. If you or anybody see’s anything they like, I can just send you the editable Power Point slide vs sending each image individually, that is if you have Power Point.

Sorry for any repeats, modifications have been made to many of the slides so expect a few repeats/corrections.

Alright, I’m way to UN-organized here. I need a check-list for everything these days.




To the few who have requested certain images, I’ll get them to you by the end of the weekend. I’ve spent my extra time trying to get all my images tagged and categorized but I’m about done. I haven’t forgotten about you…

Great images Brandon.

Compelling. Makes me want to go get IR certified.

A couple more


Still more to come.


Nice portfolio ,Brandon.

Some more

Infrared Appliance Inspection1.JPG


Mind if I use that radiant driveway pic? That is one shot I cannot get here in Phoenix.


No problem Jason, your welcome to use whichever ones you want as long as you stay off my turf(Utah):mrgreen:.

The images seem to lose alot of their quality when I put them on a Power Point and upload them so I’ll email you a bunch of the radiant driveway shots.

If you see anymore you might could use than just let me know and I’ll get you the originals.

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