IR Marketing Tip

Here is a little tip on marketing your IR services. In my business I break down the different Infrared services and charge a separate fee for each. One of the services that I found wasn’t selling very well (as compared to the others) was the Infrared HVAC Scan. This scan was a very limited view of the performance of the ductwork and HVAC system. I simply would take a image of the return and all supply registers. One of the anomalies that I would periodically call out is when one register is 80 F and the other 6 are 130 F is for further investigation as a duct may be obstructed or disconnected.

In this market competition is tough, especially here because we have no licensing and we have contractors and others crossing over and doing inspection work to get contractor work. So I started offering the Infrared HVAC Scan for FREE if the client paid my full inspection fee. The way I saw it was I wasn’t losing much money and I could increase my volume by offering more for the same price.

What I have found was that my volume did increase and so did my other infrared sales. Bringing out the camera and showing the technology is akin to the “test drive” when selling a car. Once they grab hold of the steering wheel and feel the heat it is hard to let go, especially if you are jabbering in their ear about moisture, electrical, ect.

There is more information about marketing and positioning of the camera and services that can be found in my DVD and E-Books.

Great advise. I’ve been doing the same thing for a while and it works!!

Listen to my radio ad (bottom left).



That is an outstanding radio ad. I think I heard ITI in there at least 8 times. Repetition is key in radio advertising. The talent also had a pleasing and professional voice.

I really liked how you made the infrared techology unique to your company by calling infrared ITI technology - (not quoting word for word)

I do similar the camera goes every where I go even to McDonald’s. I place at least one IR image in every report even if its just missing insulation. I have been raising my prices justified with the camera and have been increasing the amount of inspection performed, the general public is going wild over this. I just completed a very large home and the seller was so fascinated that she wants me to go to Ka and inspect the home she is buying. Yes some of us do like new tech Stuff did I say Stuff

This afternoon’s inspection comes from someone who was searching for an infrared home inspectionon the internet.