IR Wizards

How many of you wizards have seen this thermal pattern on carpted floor and if not ya should have, your leaving your camera in the case to much waiting for IR stand alones:p:D

I use my hand and IR thermometer. Than if the temperature is below 65 F I test for moisture under certain conditions. I like to not where shoes either in the basement so I can feel for dampness on the floor.

Looks like a shadow - sun coming through a window and blocked by a door or something. Moisture will not have any straight lines unless it is dammed against a non-absorbent edge.

No sun, all blinds were closed and the wall was an interior wall I was actually looking for moisture on my favorite shower stall when I saw this and I have observed it many many times very common occurance

Probably penetrations not completely sealed wihtin wall either leading to attic space or crawlspace below. Don’t know if you’re on 1st floor or 2nd floor.


like to know where you came up with that temperature!?

Charley, like you like to ask (send us a digital).

From here it looks like you partially closed a mostly open door…

No digital big guy it would give it away:p:D

I thought it was a wall cavity with air currents pushing from the other room on the right .
As Jeff said no insulation at interior wall but it seems to be a continuous cavity from below or above.

The big guy from Tenn had it correct I just wanted him to think he didn’t;-)

The door to the bedroom was open against the wall of the bathroom and I closed it to shoot the image. The door was blocking air circulation in the room and leaves those patterns. My point here is those little cheap $1500 to $2000 cameras won’t pickup patterns this faint

Okay, not to be difficult, but why would this pattern matter, why would it need to be picked up" by any camera?

Your always difficult going to call you Kevin Anderson:p:D

That particular image does not mean squat I was just indicating how smaller resolution cameras won’t pick up that slight a image pattern there was very little temp differential from one side of the door to the other side. If that had been a moisture issue on a wall or ceiling and the moisture was several days old and on drywall it most like would have been missed with the low end cameras.

Yes I also know if a Frog had wings his Butt would not hit the ground when he hopped???:wink: