May the best man win!

There’s really nothing to win but try if you will.

What are you looking at and why does it look that way?

If anybody guess’s right in the first 3 tries than I’ll have to make things way more difficult for round II.



Pic is upside down and shows lack of insulation. Is that a pivot bracket for a swinging door ?

The shots were taken pointing down towards the floor.

One side is carpet the other tile?

The room with the warmer floor has a window which allows the sun’s radiation to warm the floor.

Good guess but would there be a straight line at the door?

I say Linas is right , The other possibility floor is wet (tile or vinyl) Without seeing regular pictures it is hard to say. I think it is a bathroom looking at the cabinet close to the door.

The more I look at the more I think Linus may be right.
Can’t be tile, no grout lines

Yes your right peter good eye. It could be a laundry room the more you look at it. I wondering just a guess see the cabinet or what ever is hot . I am still leaning to wet or damp floor lol

No carpet pad in the closet.

Is it unheated/uninsulated/cooler area below “closet” room…like a cantilevered floor system? Near room is closer to room temperature @ 70-71 degrees F.

Not sure what the warm area at the rear of the “closet” is though.

I think it can be all of the above. Is this really testing knowledge or how good you can guess?

At least no one is arguing :smiley:

LOL it is a guess . Still better than arguing. It is all fun and games till someone looses a eye

So has anyone even come close

This is for a new infrared super certification, you guess right, send in $100 and you are super infrared certified.:wink:

Last cold guess(hah!)
Upper left is a rear outside door.
Right side is a kitchen floor.(cooler tile)
Left side is carpet.
Red shape is a stove or fridge.
The door frame at upper left does have a missing swing door because I am right that is a small metal bracket.

Send my prize.

LMAO.Not only do I have it I am the PRESIDENT…You can get super infrared certified, Super Home Inspection Certified, Super Mold Inspector certified, Super master of the universe Radon certified and Super Dooper you never get it in the pooper certified for the low cost of $8 and it comes with a 47 year membership to NACHE…

I say its two midgets having sex on mars sliding down a whipped cream slide landing in a bowl of jello…close?

No carpet padding in closet.