IRC Code test

Just wondering how many inspectors have taken the IRC code test?

Many. It will benefit you to have an understanding of the IRC especially if you don’t have a construction background. Many safety violations are found by having this knowledge. Just remember we are not code inspectors. So be careful what you write.

Here are the answers to the questions on the exam:

Don’t ask me how I got them :wink:

Hey Nick,

Are any of the interNACHI courses approved by ICC for CE credits? I have a renewal coming up.

ICC testing question… When you take the ICC course, are you allowed to use the digital version of the book on your computer, or do you need to have a printed version?

Chuck, the chapter of ICC that I belong to approves InterNACHI’s courses for CE but I don’t know how to get or if ICC wants anything else. I just assumed that CE was handled at the chapter level everywhere because that is how it is done here at the ICC chapter I belong to. I could be wrong. If you have any info, post it please.

They have a new central CEU tracking and renewal system

Under approved CEU providers, they have a number of organizations listed, including ASHI and TAREI (I called Andrea, but she says they haven’t done an ICC approved CEU course in about three years).

I was thinking that this might be a great value add if some of the existing interNACHI courses were approved for ICC CEUs. It would be a big help to me, anyway.


Those quizzes are really great, lot of work went into this, very nice…!!

I believe only the Printed Version, Mark.