Is any member in desperate need of a good website?

Let me know and post a link to your existing website.

My website has been neglected… by me. I created it and never put the right content in place. It suffices in it’s current state as I am always busy but I know that a little TLC would go a long way. I have even drafted a plan to rebuild it but just don’t have the time. Too many other hats to juggle and polishing my template takes precedence. Even most of the images are just placeholders begging for better content. The defects, reviews, and important content is all original but boy could I use a better sales tool.

Here is my site: Residential Home and Electrical Inspections in Lancaster NY | inFOCUS Inspection

Michael, would you like us to take a shot at it and build you a website that works?

I had a website, didn’t have time to make it right, neglected if and now trying to rebuild again. Too many irons in the fire Nd not enough money to pay someone to do it.

I would be very grateful for the opportunity. Any chance of my input making a difference? I have a basic idea of some things I personally want but if my ideas are no good I am fine with trusting the professionals. The one thing I need to maintain is keeping on wordpress because I am comfortable working in it for updating.

I can obviously provide access to my host and anything else needed. I also own numerous domains if a sandbox is needed.

Thank for the opportunity!



As a new inspector in Texas, I’m in the beginning stages of putting my website together. It’s very much a work in progress at this point, but I am certainly open to ideas and any assistance that is afforded.

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OK Michael. GoVelop just gave you a $1,049.99 website. They are going to build it for you, custom, no charge. Please email me at and I’ll hook you up with them.

And Congrats. Nice win.

I could use one, go daddy kept charging me a fortune.

Great need of a Web page. PD Home Inspector. Com