Is anyone else tired of these bast`s?

I certainly am! :mrgreen:

More of our fearless political leaders who often use God/the church when
running for office, bunch shtt.

Its Waaaaaaaaaaayyy overdue, get rid of these lying/cheating/corrupt sobs will ya please! ALL of them. Id rather have 535 Grandmas/Grandpas representing my azz

Hey, im not against someone getting extra curricular activities but shtt, please dont tell us how religious `n god fearing you are, fk that. :mrgreen:

And then we have Bush/Cheney? ](,) ](,) ](,) ](,) ](,) ](,) ](,) ](,)

john he is not using god and the church for political gain, he is explaining what happened in the past and how he reconciled the problem, or would you rather he had said he did not have sex with her, his cigar did. But while we are on the subject of questions, why do water-proofers feel the need to attack god and christianity on a home inspection forum? some are tired of it, i know i am. got tar?

On the other side of the fence I am tired of those who believe pushing their thoughts on a home inspection board.
I believe those who Bragg about praying are just making them selves feel better and does zero good for others.
I also think religion from both sides should not be practiced on this BB.
Roy Cooke

Who’s bragging about praying roy? What are you saying now, you believe in censoring after all, do you want to be the moderator? :shock:

You are stretching now just a little Ken. No where did I say that.

THIS waterproofer wasn`t ‘attacking’ your god/church on last post.

Point was some who use god/church to make themselves ‘SEEM’ like they`re god fearing/law abiding politicians, souls that can never be corrupted let alone ever think of using their weenie outside of their marriage.

Do you have a phone number to your god? Id appreciate getting it as i have some things id like to discuss with him/her…like get their take on waterproofing basements-wonder if they waterproofed Noah`s Ark? #-o

Where can i buy a $2 prayer book? I been thinking of becoming a preacher, maybe i can save some souls like others.

I think during my sermon i`d play this psychedelic tune

End of mass song might be Snoopy`s Christmas—13Q0g&mode=related&search=


On that same page you referenced:

That is certainly an appealing way to deal with corrupt US politicians! Don’t you think?? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Emmanuel, lolololol YES!

Want to know the truth, American doesn’t want good people in government. This is why there are no GOOD candidates because we won’t vote them. I’m proving my point now:

I will run on platform to control spending, building prison space for criminals, stop corporate welfare though overpaying for services, get SERVICE back in public service, and with my background from the military, a union worker, a small business person, a charity operator, a dad, husband, and a heck of a community oriented person…

I will lose.

To a tax and spend incumbent that awards over priced contracts to corporations because she feels like it, that has allowed our prison to become overcrowded (resulting in outsourcing housing facilities and tax dollars to other prisons, and early releases which resulted in an abnormally high local repeat crime rate), while spending a 1/2 million on curtains, another 1/2 million so she and her buddies have nice chairs in their redone council chambers, that has risen taxes about 75% over the last 8 year, blah, blah, blah.

I will still lose.

Because voters don’t care, they look at the party that is there on their voter card and vote straight ticket, or don’t vote at all.

Not whining, or B(l)UBBER’ing, I know this is the current situation. With time, and hard work, I can try to educate people who I am, and how I want good people for good government, working hard for the good of the people. Challenging, yes, impossible, only if everyone gives up, and I have not yet. Ask me in November though.


Thomas :wink:

This is the structural forum. This is a peaceful forum in which to read about simple problems.

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