More Crap Threads Please

Is it possible that we can have more threads about Religion, Politics, Sex, etc in the general Home Inspection area of the Message Board?:smiley:

Come on guys I know we can do it if we all pitch in and “help”.:smiley:


:D:D:D ty Mark :smiley:

Googling right now Brian
How many would you like?

Blessed art thou O Mr. Brian. :mrgreen::twisted:

Hi Brian, I am becoming a Jehovas’ Witness and plan to spread the word here (it beats going door to door) I hope this helps :wink:


My friend re-born :shock::shock::shock::shock::wink:

It’s a miracle Marcel… or complete BS take your best guess :mrgreen:


From my past experience in knowing Mr. Beaumont, it definitely would be a Miracle. ;):mrgreen::twisted:

God works in mysterious ways Marcel.

You never know.:shock:

absolutely correct :smiley:

Yeah but, in Gerry’s case, it sure would be mysterious. :mrgreen::twisted:

Not to worry BK, they have all gotten pushed off page one of the General Inspection discussion… :wink: :twisted:

BTW - the global warming thread is just about a Texas inspector being cold. :wink:

Aren’t you supposed to set this on fire?

go ahead;-)

Ok Brian, here goes.

How’s this for a talking point. :smiley:
And to think she calls herself a conservative. LOL

Wow, I never knew I was a closet Conservative :mrgreen:


Hey…it was cold!..10° when I wrote that :smiley:

What is a “crap thread” ???