Is ASHI just spoofing with this video of crappy clip art logos or are they serious?

I suspect this is just them toying with me. They can’t be serious, can they?

OMG. Rooftops, magnifying glasses, and check marks. They covered all the bases. What is left for us? Oh yeah, truly custom designs from InterNACHI.
That is typical clipart that you can get anywhere.

It’s always best to have a computer generate a logo from a terribly limited set of generic house images, 10 fonts, and 10 or so colors. Why not just use, “I couldn’t care less about you.” as a tagline on your business card too? I’m glad that we take the time here to actually work with people. A pre-set logo template defeats the only actual purpose of having a logo in the first place:

At 5 seconds into the video, there’s a misspelled word.
spelling counts.jpg

Too funny. :mrgreen:


Fortunately, they aren’t offering free tattoos.

Yes, I caught that, too. :shock:


“Resistance is futile.”

ASHI continues to come up with one way after another to lower our profession. The ASHI logo… the inspection industry’s symbol of shame.

I choked on my Newcastle watching this. When I think about how much back & forth the guy (If I remember it was Chris?) was willing to do with me to get mine just the way I wanted it - especially the Saw Palmetto and the Plumb bob. I had to laugh out loud at this video, I’m sorry.


That is too funny.

Another cheap knock off. PowerPoint Ranger strikes again!

And now I just learned that ASHI built a cheap copy of InterNACHI’s House of Horrors®.

They built it with Legos:


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