New logo Niagara Property Inspectors

Please help me to choose my logo.
Thank you, Igor.:neutral:



Both are beyond horrible.

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Hello Igor,

Thanks for requesting feedback. There are a number of problems with both of the logos posted. The first issue has to do with the file formatting. I’m not sure what type of files you have posted, but both are extremely pixelated. Which means that you can see a stair-step kind of effect around the perimeter of any object with a curve. Additionally, the font seems to have an outline effect which makes the name of your company difficult to read. In both logos the text overlaps sections of the yellow on black graphic and the dramatic contrast between the colors adds emphasis to arbitrary letters in your company name. Example: In the first logo the “s” in Inspection is the first place that I look, In the second the I is the first place that I look. There are also points where the type merges with the background graphic. Text should never overlap an image or graphic unless the text remains completely unobstructed and completely legible, same goes for image or graphic. If a logo does not communicate your company name quickly it is not successful. If either one was converted into a black and white file they would be completely illegible. Here is a link to a design article that I wrote concerning design for home inspectors.

I would highly recommend the links that Jessica posted above. We are here to help you out, take advantage of these services. It was a great idea asking for feedback from the marketing department.

Goosh I saw the thumbs and thought it was Playdough.
I am an Artist and still used interNACHI for my present design.

How come it doesn’t have Internachi Certified at the bottom like All of the rest?

Because mine was done by a graphic Designer who left InterNACHI before the free service started.
He left to work on his own and I recognized his great talent even though tempted to simply do my own as I made logos up in neon back in the eighties but my graphic talent is still just budding on a PC.

I love Wylies work and he worked with me to produce a logo that symbolizes Chicago,High rises,and Homes with a little city flag color worked in which looks great on my shirts with variations.
I placed the blue stripe at bottom to show lake Michigan and he gave me a portfolio of logo parts I can mix and match under high resolution.
Actually won his help in a InterNACHI contest.

I remember that Bob, forgot. Logo looks good.

Thanks Chris.
I have dozens of variations to use which stops me from fixating on changes.

Wylie did awesome work.

Thank you for your help…

Igor notice how you can use color.
I think the area behind the P should be white but need to run inspect.

Thank you!
I will see if I could find something better for free
I did not pay for last two.

OK, Thank you, I will work on it, and I might get it…