is it good?? only 1000$

****IRISYS IRI 1011 Thermal Infrared Camera

[size=2]IRISYS Thermal imager camera at a very low price ![/size]

The IRISYS IRI 1011 universal thermal imager is an amazing low cost IR imager which brings the benefits of infrared thermal imaging to everyone with a low cost price. This infrared camera from PAT Training Services Limited is ideal for predictive and preventative maintenance using temperature measurements.
The IRISYS IRI 1011 connects to a compatible PDA and can be operated one handed using the optional Pistol Grip Handle.
All measurements can be downloaded and stored on the optional IRISYS ISI1601 Software.

Don’t know if it’s good or not, but that’s a thousand pounds UK, not a thousand dollars US. ~ $1670.00 US

This particular camera is NOT appropriate for home inspection work. It has uses, such as people counting, some security application and some process applications, but the resolution is simply inadequate for buildings or maintenance work.

As I have often suggested here, look at what your real needs are and buy appropriately.

Thermally yours,

John Snell
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Detector 16 x 16, the I5 that most people would say is not a great choice for home inspection is 80 x 80, B-cam 120 x120, TIR 160 x 120. Keep the money and save some more for something that will actually do the job.

IRISYS sells higher resolution cameras suitable for home inspection. The model 4010 employs a 160 X 120 infrared array sensor and this has been used for home inspection. More details can be found at The IRISYS units are solid, rugged, easy to use and priced to sell. We do have a library of images taken with these cameras for home inspection. If anyone is interested please contact me at and I can share them with you.

For Home Inspection applications we are suggesting the IRISYS model, 4010 which I believe is cheaper than the FLIR B-CAM. The 4010 has a 160 X 120 pixel format infrared array. I am preparing a powerpoint on images with the 4010 for home inspection applications. If anyone is interested in obtaining this powerpoint you can email me at The 4010 is very comprtitively priced against FLIR cameras designed for home inspection.

I do not see a price list.
Is anyone familiar with this company?
Any one using one of the Pembrokein models or tried one out?

Never heard of them. FLIR and Fluke are the only ones mentioned. I did an inspection on a foreclosure yesterday where the Flir BCam came in pretty handy. I told the buyer to make sure the water was turned on because the house had been winterized. The water was turned on an hour prior to inspection. Master bath above the kitchen had a leak.

Frazer IR 018 [640x480].jpg

Frazer IR 024 [640x480].jpg

Frazer IR 022 [640x480].jpg

We are a new distributor for IRISYS. The IRISYS model 4010 is a mature thermal imaging camera, so while we are new as a distributor, the camera has bee used for home inspection for a fairly long time. IRISYS is a UK company so most customers have been in the UK and Europe; they are starting to penetrate USA markets for thermal imaging. The qulaity is quite good and very competitively priced.

We will sell the model 4010 for $3850 in low quantity; we discount more for qty 10 or more. The thermal array is 160 X 120, so very good image quality and temperature sensitivity and images can be stored on SD card.

We are located in Northern California; we will run product demos in our area for now. We can rent units for people who want to try it for a few weeks.

You can contact me at for more info including the powerpoint I mentioned.

Thanks , good to know there is a little competition.
I may be looking at early year.

I could have used one a couple days ago , when I found a shot hot water tank, but got heat readings on my infrared thermometer in two of the rooms anyway.

Condo, and the couple unit owners I spoke with were blissfully ignorant of the system.
Sure would loved to have seen a thermal pic.

IRISYS is getting better known. The IRISYS model 4010 with 160 X 120 pixel format might sell for a lower price then most FLIR B-CAM’s with lower resolution sensors. I have seen some comments here on the IRISYS model 1010 with 16 X 16 and that model is not appropriate for comprehensive home inspection. But the 4010 represents tremendous value vs. products from FLIR and Fluke.

These cameras are worth consideration especially if you are seeking the lowest price without any sacrifice in performance. For more details see For a complete price list of our models please contact me at