Thermal Imaging $2500

Thermal Imaging $2500

Thermal Imaging Under $3000

and they make this model

Has anyone got information about this brand of thermal imager?


and they offer volume discounts…
NACH members… check it out and perhaps we
can unite for a special deal… Check it out.

I talked to a sales Rep and he said the Irisys IRI 1010
has a fuzzy image compared to the FLIR entry level BCAM
model and does not have the ability to send the picture
to your computer (to make reports).

He said the Irisys IRI 1010 will be upgraded in a month
or so to have the ability to transfer the picture to
your computer… but he does not know the exact date.

He said he would call me tomorrow and let me know
more information. It would cost approx. $3000 with
the upgrade, but would still have the fuzzy look
(low pixel count), compared to the FLIR BCAM.

It is a tool for finding problems and not at the same
level of clarity as the FLIR BCAM.

I will let you know more when I hear back from them.

He said the Irisys IRI-4010 ($5995.) is slightly superior
than the FLIR BCAM 2 model… (who knows at this point?).

The first 2 only have 16x16 (256 pixels) sensor arrays vs 160x120 (19,200 pixels) on the low end Flirs or Flukes. And their sensitivity is 300 mKelvin vs 100 mKelvin (or better) for the Flirs and Flukes.

The last one has a 160x120 sensor but still only has a sensitivity of 150mKelvin. What is it’s price?

Correction: the lowest FLIR the BCam is 120x120 and 150mKelvin so its fewer pixels than the last IRsis you mentioned.

It may be better to spend a bit more and get a real tool.

Irisys IRI-4010 ($5995.)

How does the quality compare?

Your right… gotta spend more for the right tool.

I got this in the email today:


The infracam has a 120 x 120 pixel array (14400 individual spots) vs Irisys 4010 160 x 120 (19200 individual spot).
The 4010 comes standard (list price $5995) with an SD card
that can store 1000 images. They can be edited in Bitmap format. The Infracam SD is $6700 and can store 1000 JPEG images.

They both come with a very basic reporting software.
Both a fairly comprable but we start out $700 cheaper.
The Flir model with 160 x 120 quality similar to the Irisys, costs over $9000. The best quality for the money in thermal imaging is the Irisys, hands down. See answers in your
original email. Also, I have sent an email to Irisys about
the new 1010 with connection to a computer…


Shawn Dooley
TTI Engineer
Infrared Product Manager



800-235-8367 (toll-free)
802-863-0085 (phone)
802-863-1193 (fax)

Total Temperature Instrumentation, Inc.
PO Box 1073, 8 Leroy Road
Williston, VT 05495

It looks like the FLIR gives you jpg images and the
other one in bitmap…

jpg is much easier and universal to work with IMHO.

I believe that we will see a B-Cam equivalent for under $2K in the near future, it is the way of all technology.

I hope you are right but consider it unlikey as test equipment that is not geared toward the general public doesn’t come down in price near so quicky. The economies of scale are much harder to imagine for this type of product but we all can hope.

There are cheap software products like PaintShopPro that can convert your bitmaps to jpeg in 2 seconds. So I wouldn’t let that influence the decision too much, when you can save $1000 or so.

I’ll be getting mine the way I get computers, secondhand from the classifieds in a year or two, after the new models come out. :mrgreen:

I have the Irisys 4010 model, paid $5300 brand new. Works quite well, decent detector, lot of adjustments to fine tune images, has a upgradable SD card, software is simple and has 10 cursors to display temps.

I have had it about 3 weeks so far. I will be learning from an electrical engineer who performs thermal imaging for Westinghouse. He has reviewed the camera specs. Basically for the $$, it really is not that bad, under $5500 for a starter piece of equiptment. He bought his camera for $50K 7 years ago and still uses it. Of course it s a much stronger camera.

Still learing the basics and my clients love the “Super Cool Technology”. Hopefully it will pay for itself over the next year. Already found 3 attics with missing insulation, 1 dishwasher leak, & 1 flat roof leak. Happy clients, happy & confused realtors.

Yes, in regards to the general public, volume selling is what eventually drives down prices. In this case though it just may be technological innovation, where one company finds a better (cheaper) way of of building these cameras that reduces prices. Any way you cut it though the pricing trend for these cameras is down and anything bought today will sell for less in the future.

The FLIR BCAM SD has a built in alarm that lets you know when
you may have found moisture problems. That really seems
like a good feature when you consider all the areas that
an inspector might scan. It would be easy to miss something
and the alarm might help avoid a costly mistakes.

I have the Iri 1011 for sale 1800.00. If anyones interested, email me at

I just bought a new FLIR BCAM. I will be looking for a
Training CD next, until I can make it to some classes.

John, did you get it from Flir or Prof. Equip. ?


I got the BCAM through Prof Equipment.

No sales tax… and no shipping… and 30 days,
to see if you like it or not.

They are a good company.

I ordered the bcam sd on sunday as well. We will see how it goes…

Let me know, guys.

I will send out my power point (from the class I am teaching at the convention) to anyone who sends me a self addressed (CD sized) envelope with $1 in it (to cover the CD copying) AFTER the convention is complete.

Plus, if you call me (in the evening. I still gotta work! :mrgreen: ) I will help you with any questions you may have.

My phone and web site (how many HIs do you know that put their home addresses on their web site?) are listed below.

Just give me a couple of days at the convention.

Hope this helps;